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Top 5 Crystals to Love Yourself More

Posted by Sara Todic on

Top 5 Crystals to Love Yourself More

Top 5 Crystals to Love Yourself More


When you’re feeling down, there’s nothing that can pull you out quicker than a nice healthy dose of self-love. If you can look in the mirror and smile at your reflection; if you can be proud of the things you’ve achieved, no matter how big or small; if you can calmly reassure yourself that everything will be okay, then you hold the key to completely changing your mood. Self-love grants you infinite personal power.

This is why crystals for self-love and acceptance can be such powerful tools. There are plenty of natural stones that raise your spirits and boost your vibration, but rarely do crystals for self-healing work as well as when you match their frequency and act to integrate their boundless wisdom.

Check out the top 5 crystals for self-love below and see which ones will work best with your energy.

Rose Quartz

You could hardly make a list of crystals for self-love without including rose quartz. It stimulates and activates the heart chakra, opening you up to unconditional love. Often seen as a stone for romance, rose quartz first empowers you to love yourself. After all, how can you expect someone else to love you if you can’t even love yourself?

Rose quartz is often associated with forgiveness and overcoming emotional pain from the past. This could come in the form of heartbreak or betrayal, or perhaps solely from feelings of inadequacy. Feeling like you aren’t enough for others is a surefire way to decrease confidence and limit your potential. Rose quartz frees you from negative thoughts like these and encourages you to see your true worth. 

rose quartz love lamp

The Love Lamp is a beautiful night light that’s made entirely from rose quartz. Light up the crystal in your room to encourage love to flow into every pore of your body.


If you’re looking for something similar but aren’t entirely sold on rose quartz, then rhodochrosite could be the crystal for you. It’s a stone of endless compassion and generosity. It’s known for its ability to induce selfless love—the kind of love that doesn’t even require thought. It can enhance gratitude, especially for the little things, by bringing your attention to what you might ordinarily take for granted. This extra appreciation can go a long way in transforming your mood.

One of the primary reasons rhodochrosite is one of the best crystals for self-love and acceptance is because it empowers you to reevaluate your true worth. It helps you access your innate truth and encourages you to remain happy throughout the day, regardless of what happens. When you’re holding rhodochrosite, you intuitively know that you’re capable of overcoming anything that life throws at you. It helps you dedicate yourself to a cause in which you believe. 


Amethyst is often overlooked as a self-love crystal. It’s usually regarded as a stone of peace because of its calming effect on your energy, but this soothing sensation is also excellent for healing. It empowers you to focus on yourself and take some YOU time. It does what all the best crystals for self-growth do, only better. By opening you up to the world of self-care, amethyst releases any internal pressure that you’ve been keeping bottled up.

amethyst stress-free ring

Amethyst is an excellent crystal for creating change in your life too. If you want to overcome a bad habit, especially an addiction, then amethyst can help you get on track with that. Even the name ‘amethyst’ is derived from the Greek word amethystos, meaning ‘not intoxicated.’ Many people that use amethyst claim it increases intuition and encourages you to trust your gut. It lets you know that it’s okay to feel fear but that it shouldn’t govern your life. Amethyst has your back and provides the courage needed to love yourself truly. Wear it on the right hand to increase inner peace.


This calming crystal helps you accept your feelings for what they are. It encourages you to express how you truly feel, not hide your emotions away or suppress them. Doing that isn’t healthy for the mind, body, or soul. For this reason, rhodonite is one of the top crystals for self-healing. It helps harmonize the subtle bodies and protect your energy—even from yourself. 

Wearing rhodonite against your skin helps you remain focused on the positive aspects of life and approach every situation with a glass-half-full mentality. If you find yourself overthinking things or entering into negative thought patterns, then rhodonite is an excellent crystal to pull your attention back to the present moment. It reminds you that there is beauty in every single second.

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Citrine is quite possibly the most uplifting gemstone ever found. It radiates the warmth of the sun, and its vibrant yellow color can make you smile all day long. It detoxifies the environment, absorbing negative energy from your aura and freeing you from a load you may not even have known you were carrying. You’re sure to notice how light your energy feels afterward!

Citrine is also a prosperity magnet. It attracts wealth, money and abundance, and is often carried to business meetings to promote the likelihood of a positive outcome. It’s certainly one of the best crystals for self-growth as it enhances your confidence tenfold. By activating the solar plexus chakra, citrine helps you set clear intentions for the future and make certain that each one is addressed in an orderly fashion. It increases self-discipline and ensures you stay on top of everything.

It’s okay to feel down every now and then. But don’t ever forget just how special you are. Each of these crystals for self-love will remind you of that if you’re low. Listen to them.

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