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Top 5 Crystals for Scorpio

Posted by Sara Todic on

Top 5 Crystals for Scorpio

Top 5 Crystals for Scorpio


Scorpios are incredibly sociable and loyal people. They make amazing friends so long as their energy remains balanced. If not, they can quickly spiral into possessive or controlling behaviors. Crystals can be used to rectify this and return them to a more harmonious state. They can also amplify Scorpio’s best traits and give them the confidence to be themselves.

If you or someone you know was born between October 23rd and November 21st, you might be very interested to learn about the following crystals. Included in the list are some of the common birthstones for Scorpios, but also a few crystals that enhance their best qualities. Read on to see which crystals we chose!



As a water sign, Scorpios feel at one with crystals on the same wavelength. They particularly resonate with aquamarine’s gentle and calming energy. If a Scorpio becomes annoyed, they can quickly develop a fiery attitude, but with aquamarine by their side, it reminds them of their innate water properties and empowers them to extinguish their rage-fuelled flame.


aquamarine for scorpio

Aquamarine is the best throat chakra stone. It enhances the clarity of communication, enabling Scorpios to express themselves more clearly. If Scorpio feels misunderstood, they can close themselves off and become prone to fears, doubts, and anxiety. Aquamarine prevents this from happening, strengthening the inner body, and enhancing confidence.


Citrine is the stone for November. It reigns over the majority of Scorpio’s presence and is a great guiding crystal for Scorpios. With a bright yellow color, citrine’s sunny disposition is hard to miss. It’s one of the happiest crystals you can find. It never fails to put a smile on your face, even if you’ve been going through some tough times. Its positive energy is so strong that you can sense it at a glance.


citrine for scorpio

Citrine is a great business stone too. It’s well-known for being a money-magnet and a crystal for success. This suits Scorpios just fine as they tend to be independent souls, determined to find their path, and often work for themselves. Citrine speeds up the manifestation process, encouraging good energy to flow your way. A stone for hope and luck, citrine radiates a warmth that every Scorpio can find strength in.

Smoky Quartz

The mystical and alluring smoky quartz represents a Scorpio rather well—both are intense with a mysterious appeal. Scorpios tend to be sensitive souls that much prefer to bottle up their emotions than express them. Smoky quartz stops this inhibitor from taking over your life. It helps free you from any emotional baggage you’ve been holding onto through its powerful grounding force. 


smoky quartz talisman

Known to enhance psychic abilities, smoky quartz reconnects you to your intuition. It encourages you to trust your gut when feeling out new opportunities related to your passions. Scorpios can be highly self-critical and when they get down, they get real down. Smoky quartz helps to pull them back from the jaws of defeat, abolishing fears, doubts, and anxiety.


A birthstone for Scorpios, rhodochrosite makes a great gift for all your Scorpio friends. It’s often associated with new beginnings and starting over. This is something that Scorpios are more than happy to do when they feel they’ve reached a natural end to something. This crystal often walks hand in hand with success.


scorpio crystals

A stone for the heart chakra, rhodochrosite is a powerful emotional healer that dissolves any self-sabotaging tendencies. It reminds you of the joy in life and encourages you to love yourself for who you are. It’s a fantastic gemstone to hold if you want to forgive, be it yourself or somebody who has hurt you.


The stone of transformation is a great alternative for Scorpios who are ready to take control of their fluctuating energy. Another water stone, malachite’s energy is fluid. It enables your spirit to gently rock back and forth, easing you into the bustle of daily life without resistance.


malachite bracelet for scorpio

Malachite is a great crystal to hold while traveling to reduce worries, seasickness, or homesickness. It protects your energy during change, whether that’s a change in scenery, job, or anything in between. Malachite encourages you to take responsibility for your actions and develop a sense of personal power that can be wielded to create a brighter future. Much like a Scorpio, malachite’s energy can be intense. They usually gel together perfectly, though if you’re on the sensitive side, be careful that it isn’t too overwhelming.

How to Use Crystals for Scorpios

You can use these stones in a variety of ways to amplify your energy, particularly during your month of birth. Use any of the following as a guideline, but remember this is not an extensive list.

Meditate - One of the easiest ways to use crystals for Scorpios is to sit with them in peace and let your mind be still. Hold the crystal in your hand and feel its energy. 

Carry them - This simply requires you to own a small crystal that could fit in your pocket or purse. Take it with you throughout the day, and at times where you feel low, pull out your crystal and take a few moments to absorb its energy. 

Wear them - Crystal jewelry is everywhere nowadays. By wearing the crystals, their energy can work with yours all day. The fact they touch your skin also improves your connection with them.

Decorations - Place crystals around the home to make it feel energetically lighter. Scorpios love surrounding themselves with beautiful things so this should be ideal for them.

Feng Shui - Use crystals to help you create more space in your life. As you tidy your home, you can also tidy your mind and clear the clutter away.

Sleep - A crystal on your bedside table, or under your pillow, is a must if you struggle to get to sleep at night. They can also help with night terrors, lucid dreaming, and oversleeping. Amethyst is particularly great for this.

However, you decide to use your Scorpio stones, remember to remain mindful and appreciative of their energy throughout the day. Have a great month, and enjoy that Scorpio energy!

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    Conscious Items

    on November 5, 2020 08:18

    Dear Nancy, thank you for commenting on our blog post. It’s no surprise that you are attracted to Watermelon Tourmaline since the Tourmaline is a crystal suggested for Scorpios. However, as everyone reacts to different crystals differently, it is not strange that you also feel connected with Lapis Lazuli. It doesn’t have to be your zodiac sign crystal to be drawn by some stones. 💖

  • avatar
    Nancy Blackwood

    on November 5, 2020 08:14

    As a Scorpio, why am I so strongly attracted to Lapis lazuli and Watermelon Tourmaline ?

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