The Top 7 Bracelet Gift Ideas

The Top 7 Bracelet Gift Ideas

Getting gifts for people you love can often be more fulfilling than receiving them. There’s a great sense of accomplishment in making somebody else happy, especially if you nail down their tastes. There doesn’t need to be a special occasion for it if you’re feeling generous enough. A big heart is all it takes.

We thought we’d make your life easier with this bracelet gift guide. It walks you through seven of the best crystal pieces you can find. From soothing stress to defending energy, there’s a spiritual bracelet for all your friends, and style to match!

Bracelet Gift Guide


7. 7 Chakra Bracelet and Stones Set

If you’re looking for a bracelet with extra oomph, then look no further! This epic set comes with a bracelet and one of each of the crystals individually! They’re designed to be used in chakra work, through meditation and crystal grids.

Featuring a beautiful lotus flower, too, this bracelet is one of immense peace. If you have a friend who’s an overthinker or a worrywart, then this is the ideal bracelet for them. 

It has red agate, red jasper, citrine, aventurine, sodalite, amethyst, and clear quartz! That’s an impressive array of natural stones. It aligns and harmonizes energy and facilitates its free flow upwards. You can’t go wrong with the 7 Chakra Bracelet and Stones Set.

chakra bracelet set


6. Rainbow Obsidian Protection Bracelet

Rainbow obsidian is a gemstone for hope. Unlike regular obsidian which is strong and ruthless, rainbow obsidian is gentler and has a lighter frequency. It protects just as much, but it’s more suitable for sensitive people. If you know a big softy who needs some support, then this will be the best bracelet for them.

It helps the wearer find their true self-worth and encourages them to believe in themselves. It brings them out of their shells and empowers them to express themselves fully. It’s excellent for a shy person.

The bracelet also features the Wu Xing symbol. It’s the ancient Chinese harbinger of positive transformation through the release of inhibitions. Good things are coming to the one who wears the Rainbow Obsidian Protection Bracelet!


5. Blue Tiger Eye Bracelet

This is a fantastic gift idea for those who are on the path to success. You can spot them a mile away -- some people are just destined for big things. Blue tiger’s eye helps them get there. It’s a great protection stone, clearing the body of negative energy. It eradicates self-doubt and destroys the fear of failure, ensuring whoever is lucky enough to be wearing this bracelet will always make the best possible decisions. 

This powerful gemstone activates the crown chakra, energizing the mind and enhancing the capability to understand complex problems. It helps to resolve inner conflict. 

Don’t just get a pretty bracelet. Get something that can also help your loved one spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. Blue tiger’s eye removes the mental smog that often clouds the mind. It ticks all the right boxes for a great gift idea.


4. The Sunstone Energy Bracelet

Is your special someone constantly talking about their next big venture, but never starting it? Sunstone is a brilliant choice for staying on task and removing distractions. It energizes all seven chakras, keeping the wearer prepared and revitalized all day long. With this crystal, they can stay on track for longer. 

A bright stone, it’s no wonder that it represents positivity and joy. It’s one of those crystals that immediately puts a smile on your face. You can’t help it. It’s just bursting with palpable, positive energy.

Great for vitality, sunstone is like the sun itself. Without it, everything would be dark and gloomy. But when it’s there to support you, it feels like it can light up the whole world. It’s perfect for passionate people who want to find a way to express themselves!


3. The Determination Bracelet

The natural tiger’s eye is a little different from the blue one from number 5. It opens the solar plexus chakra instead, summoning the wearer’s inner drive from deep within. It can stir something inside you that you never even knew was there. It’s ideal for somebody with big goals - tiger’s eye is a stone for motivation.

Give it to your friends who struggle with self-esteem issues. It exudes confidence! Not only will it attract tons of compliments, but it will help them harness their inner energy and express it outwards. 

It promotes logical thinking and helps to clear the mind of clutter. A great stone for inspiration, this could be the gemstone that sets off a chain reaction of positive events! Big things await those who wear the Determination Bracelet.

2. The Triple Protection Bracelet

What’s better than a natural tiger’s eye bracelet? How about combining it with two of the best protection stones, hematite, and black obsidian? This bracelet is an absolute powerhouse. Its grounding properties are second to none and, as the name suggests, it holds unrivaled protective power. These three crystals are on another level when it comes to energy defense.

Black Obsidian cleanses negative energy and shields you from energy leeches. Nobody likes to feel exhausted and this volcanic stone helps to prevent that. Hematite helps to transform negative vibrations into positive, purifying your body of stress and other unwanted emotions. Tiger’s eye, as already mentioned, is a great stone for cultivating self-drive, making you immune from the influence of others. 

This is the best bracelet gift idea for those who need a bit of support during their journey. Keep your friends and loved ones spiritually safe with the awesome Triple Protection Bracelet.


1. The Anti-Anxiety Bracelet

Malachite is a worry stone that looks equally as good on a man as it does on a woman. It’s a fantastic soother during times of emotional stress; it activates the heart chakra after all. It brings you out of stress mode as easily as a sigh. Malachite is like a breath of fresh air for the soul, the smell of fresh grass for the nose and the heat of a bright sunbeam for the skin. The gorgeous green color resembles nature and channels the calming energy of mother earth. It could hardly be any more serene.

Malachite is well known as a stone of transformation, so if your friend is going through a period of intense change, then this could be the crystal for them. The stone of the Taurus, it makes a thoughtful gift to any emotional bull of the zodiac. 

It encourages the wearer to enjoy the experience of the present moment. There’s nothing more important than living mindfully, especially when going through a chaotic time. It’s great for those who are moving house, starting a new job, or just entering a new relationship. Get the Anti-Anxiety Bracelet for your friends to stabilize their energy in new environments.

We hope you found something you liked on this bracelet gift guide. Take a look at more of our conscious items here. Happy shopping!


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