The 7 Most Powerful Crystals for Libras

Libras are the 7th sign of the zodiac, so it seemed only fitting that we found 7 healing crystals to match. Libras are enamored with balance, justice, and equality. Many crystals naturally have these properties in abundance, so Libras will find themselves drawn to stones with this type of energy.
The 7 Most Powerful Crystals for Libras

Libras are the 7th sign of the zodiac, so it seemed only fitting that we found 7 healing crystals to match. According to stereotypes, Libras are enamored with balance, justice, and equality. Many crystals naturally have these properties in abundance, even down to the molecular level, so if a Libra’s typical traits are anything to go by, they’ll find themselves drawn to stones with this type of energy.

If you were born between September 23rd and October 22nd, or know somebody who was, then you can put an end to the hunt for the best birthstones for Libras now. Here’s a list of the top seven crystals for the astrological sign of balance. 



Libras aren’t keen on confrontation. With Morganite, they can soothe any potential conflict with loving vibrations. It carries an extremely high frequency which activates your heart chakra and is said to open new doorways in your relationships. It helps your energy mix and thrive with those you spend time with, be it a friend, partner, or relative.

Morganite is a particularly helpful stone for those who feel vulnerable or heavily influenced by manipulative or controlling forces. It empowers you to be free from dominant energy. Don’t hold a grudge though; let a little love into your life instead. It’s particularly appealing to Libras who value equality above all else.



When Libras get down, they can be highly self-critical. Often, they prefer to wallow in their self-pity for a good while before acting on it. Sunstone helps prevent this with its bright and sunny disposition. Its uplifting energy breathes new life into you when you’re feeling low. It’s great for projecting happiness onto other people too. Libras are one of the most commonly extroverted and social zodiac signs, so this is a great crystal for spreading joy to anyone you hang around with.

The power of manifestation is at your fingertips when you work with sunstone. If your spirit is aligned with your desires, then this crystal will amplify your energy output toward your intentions. It can bring your awareness to the divine consciousness within us all—another reason that we should be fair and just. We are all individual parts of the same universal mind.

Smoky Quartz

One of the best birthstones for Libras is the glassy brown variety of quartz. It’s a great crystal to empower you to be more decisive. Most Libras struggle when it comes to making important decisions, feeling they need to measure the pros and cons of every little thing. They want to please everyone and make sure everybody gets a good deal, but this isn’t always possible. Instead of hesitating, smoky quartz encourages Libras to make firm decisions for themselves. 


smoky quartz pendant libra

As a member of the quartz family, smoky quartz is also a natural healer. It repels negativity and neutralizes the energy imbalance within you. Clear blockages that prevent you from getting things done. It’s one of the best crystals for Libras because it encourages them to be more productive and efficient with their time. 




Turquoise is one of the best crystals for Libras as it opens the throat chakra. It encourages communication, free speech, and justice for all. If your throat chakra becomes blocked, it can cause you to suppress how you truly feel. Turquoise frees you from that torment and recharges the fifth chakra. 


Ideal for Libras, turquoise is one of the greatest stones for promoting balance. It resonates with the cosmic energy of the weighing scales. Brilliant for when Libras feel stressed or drained, turquoise helps them relax and find their inner calm. Welcome positive vibes back into your aura. Wear it for extra protection against disease, illness, and the transmission of negative energy.

Pink Tourmaline

Similar to sunstone, pink tourmaline is ideal for relieving anger, sorrow, or grief. It inspires happiness and helps put a smile on your face regardless of your situation. Libras are naturally witty, clever, and good at talking, so the void they leave if they’re upset can be felt by even the least perceptive person. Pink tourmaline birthstones are great for soothing depressive thoughts and self-sabotaging tendencies. 


pink tourmaline

If a Libra feels strange vibrations that they aren’t accustomed to, then it can throw them off. Their ability to sense unbalanced energy is written in the stars. Pink tourmaline helps unsettled Libras relax and find harmony, even in unusual vibrations. It encourages their humor to return in full force. They may be seen as idealists by many, but that label tends to be sprinkled with scorn as if optimism should make eyes roll. Pink tourmaline suggests that you pay no mind to the naysayers and do what feels good to you.


Opal is classed as the birthstone for October. That means that its energy is especially good for Libras born between the 1st and the 22nd. If you’re a Libra born towards the end of September, then don’t worry! You will still feel the effects of this amazing crystal. Your zodiac sign naturally connects you to October’s energies. 

Opal’s a brilliant crystal for strengthening the immune system. It keeps you safe from contagious illnesses by blocking toxic energy as it tries to enter your aura. Opal is said to connect you with the positive energy of Venus, the ruling planet for all Libras. It harmonizes your masculine and feminine energies, keeping you balanced both internally and externally. Such a great crystal for confidence, Opal is one of the most popular crystals for Libras due to its ability to sharpen their decision-making skills. Say goodbye to dithering once and for all. Bad character traits are put under the microscope with this stone. Do something about them. 


This one is a bit of a cheat as Agate is the name of a crystal family rather than a specific gem. But that’s okay, because no matter which agate you choose, its underlying properties are largely the same: balance, communication, and harmony. 

Blue lace agate in particular vibrates at the same frequency as Libras. It gives a voice to the voiceless and encourages you to do the same wherever possible. A calming stone, it brings balance to the mind if you ever feel overwhelmed or stressed. Concentrate on yourself. Other people’s opinions are of no use to you.

Red agate, on the other hand, is known to bring harmony to your yin and yang, stabilizing your subtle energies and promoting the free flow of chi. It ignites passion in any projects you’re working on and reinvigorates your love life by enhancing communication and intensifying sexual tension. 


agate hearts

Regardless of what agate you choose, keep it close to you, either in the form of jewelry or as meditation stones

If you want to combine more Libra stones into one piece of jewelry, check out our 7 Gems Protection Pendant.

Keep this list of crystals for Libras in mind when thinking of a personalized gift for an upcoming birthday, or add them to your crystal wishlist for future reference. We hope you’ll find it useful!

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