Selenite Stone Meaning And Healing Properties

Discover the meaning behind the Selenite stone and learn about its healing properties in this article from Conscious Items.
Selenite Stone Meaning And Healing Properties

Few things in the human lifetime are as important as getting in touch with one’s inner self.  The closer an individual is to easily and effectively communicate with their inner being, the healthier they will be, both mentally and physically.  

The human condition is full of inconsistencies, stress, doubt, and negative energy that constantly bombard the metaphysical self that resides within. Therefore, in fighting to achieve inner peace, harmony, and positive vibrations, it’s important to make sure that you take every necessary step to achieve the goal you’re striving towards.  

This is where crystals come in, allowing you to transform your lifestyle and your routine to accomplish something ancient philosophers only dreamed about.  Crystals allow you to connect yourself to the natural and the supernatural, communing with inner energy to achieve a higher level of emotional integrity, ability, and connection.  One such crystal is Selenite, a beautiful gemstone that has rare properties and deep existential meaning.  

What Is Selenite Stone?

To understand why Selenite should be in your life in the first place, it’s important to really understand its scientific properties.  In short, Selenite stone is a variant of Gypsum, which is a common mineral widely found in deposits of sedimentary rock and naturally occurs near limestone and shale.  Gypsum itself is extremely common and is used in the production of plaster of Paris. It also serves as an ingredient in many common fertilizers.  

However, it’s the Selenite variant of Gypsum that’s really special.  The Selenite stone is a coarser, more transparent stone than traditional gypsum, and it has a very unique and special structure.  Selenite consists of flat, diamond-shaped crystals that catch the light and diffuse color everywhere.  While not a particularly hard or resilient stone, Selenite definitely makes up for its fragility in its beauty, its meaning, and its purpose.  

The Meaning Of Selenite Stone

Most commonly known as the gemstone of purification, Selenite has a deep meaning that goes back thousands of years.  In Ancient Greek mythology, the goddess of the moon was called Selene, the daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Theia.  Along with Artemis and Hecate, Selene drove night across the sky in an endless battle with the light.  Because of its connection to moonlight, its beauty, and its transparent properties, Selenite derives its name from the ancient moon goddess.

Selenite channels the energy of the goddess, bathing its user in wonder and beauty, purifying their aura, and channeling subtle, positive energy.  Because of Selenite’s deep spiritual connection to ancient Greek mythology, it is widely considered to be a very sacred and spiritual crystal and is granted the rights associated with such status. 

It is also commonly associated with the metaphysical, connecting the physical with the spiritual in an enlightened and beautiful way, allowing its user to achieve a level of mental clarity often considered unattainable by other means.  

Healing Properties of Selenite

The healing properties of the Selenite crystal are directly associated with the different types of Selenite.  Here are some of the most common types and their healing properties:

  • Desert Rose: The Desert Rose variety of Selenite is a deep gold color, and its crystal structure resembles a blooming rose, hence its name.  It is regularly associated with the middle chakras and is therefore associated with deep, centering healing of both the body and mind.
  • Satin Spar: this variety of Selenite is a silky, pink color that shimmers in direct light.  It is more directly associated with the Crown chakra and is therefore also associated with healing properties of the mind and head. It touches both physical and mental health due to its deep connection with the metaphysical and the extra energy inherent in its unique and beautiful color.  
  • Classic Selenite: by far the most common and most opaque variant of Selenite, Classic Selenite is associated with the general healing of negative energy.  If you want to clear a space or clear your mind of an overall negative energy, classic Selenite should be your go-to. It will do an amazing job with high-level cleansing and healing of any negative aura that happens to be present.

Cleansing And Charging Selenite

Because Selenite is so geologically fragile, the care of your Selenite is incredibly important if you wish for it to remain functional. 

Selenite is a cleansing crystal, able to cleanse the energy of any crystal placed nearby. Selenite is also able to cleanse itself, therefore it is not necessary to have any regular cleansing habits when it comes to this stone.

If you do feel like the energy of your Selenite is not on its highest frequency, you can place it under new moon in order to restore its cleansing powers. 

Selenite should not be placed in water under any condition, as it can completely dissolve due to its fragile nature. 

When it comes to charging the stone, you can also use moonlight or even soft white light from a candle. Place Selenite in direct moonlight during a full moon and leave it overnight to let it absorb a high volume of moonlight to cleanse its aura. Selenite is very good at absorbing the positive energy around it, so if you’re looking to cleanse and charge your crystal at the same time, using the moonlight will be an excellent option.  

Selenite Stone And The Zodiac

In choosing which crystals you should incorporate into your routine and lifestyle, it’s important to select those which will have the deepest and most effective impact on you.  

Because of the traits inherent in Selenite and the emotions associated with the energy that it radiates, those born under the Taurus sign will have the most direct benefit, but the stone has also been linked to Cancer and Aquarius signs as well due to their compatibility and energy similarities.  So if you’re looking for a perfect gift for the Taurus on your list this year, consider Selenite jewelry or a Selenite cleansing lamp!

Selenite Chakra Association

As discussed above, the chakra associations for Selenite depend entirely on the variety that you select to use.  The most common variety of Selenite awakens the Crown chakra in a deep and meaningful way, so if you’re looking to connect with the Crown chakra to bridge between the physical and the cosmos, Selenite is definitely for you.  Using Selenite will allow you to connect in new and deeper ways with your center of spirit and wisdom, and may even allow you to tap into the universal consciousness.  

The Bottom Line

Discovering crystal healing on your own can definitely seem like a scary process, but it doesn’t have to be.  If you’re trying crystals out for yourself, hopefully, this article gives you the information about Selenite that you need to make a decision about whether or not it’s right for you.  There’s never any pressure, so make sure that you’re selecting the right crystals for the energy you’re trying to radiate and the auras you have surrounding you. 




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