Morganite Stone Uses and Meaning

Morganite Stone Uses and Meaning

Morganite has a gentle energy that’s wonderful for healing old wounds and enlightening the spirit. Though this crystal hasn’t been around for very long, it’s made its mark on history. You may have even heard of it as a cheaper alternative to diamond engagement rings. Let’s discuss the meaning behind this stone and its many uses for your life. 

What Is Morganite?

Morganite is a variety of Beryl, which is a beryllium aluminum silicate. It is known for being a peach or pink color but also occurs in violet varieties. It has a Mohs hardness of 7.5 to 8 and is formed in prism-shaped crystals. 

This stone naturally occurs in granitic rocks with pegmatites in them. The inclusions in this crystal are long and hollow tubes. The fracture of this crystal is conchoidal and the cleavage is indistinct. 

Symbolism Of Morganite

Morganite is a stone of divine love. It’s known to bring healing and promise to those who use it. It tunes to the frequency of your heart and allows you to connect to it on a deeper level. This is a crystal that’s known to attract love into your love and helps nurture that relationship. This happens through positive thoughts and communication. 

This gemstone symbolizes innocence and health. It is also known to stimulate the Heart chakra. When it comes to matters of the heart, Morganite is the ultimate healer. It raises energy and increases the intensity of your passions. It’s also known for being a beacon of friendships. 

This crystal is known to bring forth your soulmate from out of the depths on the earth. No matter where they may be lurking, Morganite knows how to draw them to you. If you already found your one true love, it will deepen your connection with your partner. 

The Ancient Romans thought that crystals in the Beryl family were aphrodisiacs. People who wore this crystal attracted love and desire from others around them. Morganite was also used to honor the Mesopotamian goddess of chaos, Tiamat. 

The Meaning Behind Morganite

Morganite was rediscovered in California in the 1900s. It was first referred to as pink beryl until the name was changed. It was renamed Morganite after the financier J. P. Morgan because of his contributions to the American Museum Of Natural History. 

One of the fascinating properties of Morganite is the fluorescence of the stone when exposed to X-rays. In 1989, a very large specimen of Morganite was found in Buckfield, Maine. It weighed more than 50 lbs, and it was nicknamed “the Rose of Maine.” 

Healing Properties

Morganite is a magnificent stone for healing. It works wonders on the body and the mind, as well as the aura. It has strengthening energy that helps with breathing problems and nervous system diseases. Morganite also aids in stress relief and is an asthma treatment. Disordered cells are reconstructed using this crystal, and it can help the thyroid gland. 

This crystal also brings healing to the mind. It is useful for overcoming feelings of resentment and fear, as well as anger. If you have emotions that haven’t been recognized yet, Morganite helps bring them to the surface for you to deal with them properly. It brings out the compassion and love that we all have inside of us to strengthen our relationships. 

If you are looking to attract a mate, Morganite will help with this. It has a deep connection to the divine energy that is useful for deepening a relationship. 

Uses Of Morganite

Morganite is an excellent stone to wear to evoke feelings of peace and happiness. It will also help the growth of your character over a long period of time. The constant flow of energy between your body and the gemstone will prove useful in times of tension. 

You may want to use Morganite in the business world too. It encourages fairness and allows new businesses to get their feet off the ground. When meeting with clients, Morganite elevates the mood of all parties in order to seal the deal. 

At home, this stone will assist you with your endeavors in the bedroom. Placing Morganite in your room will increase intimacy with your partner and strengthen your bond and compassion. It opens up a pathway for communication so that your relationship can be stronger. Place it in any space that needs emotional balance. 

Since Morganite is a stone that is connected to love, it makes sense that it’s become a very popular engagement stone. It comes in all sizes for anyone’s style and budget. Some stones that go well with Morganite are Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Tourmaline. These other crystals have high energies, just like Morganite, that co-exist quite nicely. 

It takes a lot of focus and patience to correctly use Morganite. You’ll need to focus on your intentions and thoughts during the process. Meditating with this crystal is a helpful way to align yourself with the energies of the crystal. Try to take some time each day to meditate with Morganite and reflect on yourself. 

Cleansing And Charging Morganite

Caring for any crystal is a vital part of its healing abilities. Without proper cleansing and charging, Morganite can’t work the way it’s supposed to. Getting rid of negative energies is the main reason you should practice cleaning your crystals. 

You can use running water and soap to clean Morganite and dry it with a soft cloth afterward. When charging your stone, leave it in the sun for a day to restore its powers. Sage is another useful method for cleansing Morganite. Putting the crystal through the smoke will disperse the energies, making it ready to use again. 

Zodiac Sign

Morganite isn’t a traditional birthstone, but it is closely tied to the signs of Pisces, Taurus, and Cancer. These signs are known for their empathy and loving energy. Morganite compliments their personalities perfectly. This gemstone seeps into the souls of the wearer to give them more patience and compassion. 

Chakra Association

You might have guessed that Morganite is associated with the Heart chakra. This chakra is the root of all love and kindness that we possess. When this chakra is blocked, it causes you to struggle to love yourself and others. It can make you question unconditional love and its source. Morganite will open the Heart chakra and allow us to receive all the positive emotions in the universe. 

The divine heart is where our understanding of others comes from. This crystal works with the divine heart to allow you to accept things outside of your control. The love that comes into our lives isn’t always built to last. Morganite also aids in letting go of past loves that you’ve lost. 

Bottom Line

Morganite is all about amplifying feelings of love, both for others and ourselves. It helps us on the path to self-acceptance and reminds us what the world has to offer. When we are reminded of this, it allows us to feel less alone in life and able to bear the hardships with ease. If you feel drawn to Morganite, try adding it to your space today with healing morganite sets and bracelets


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