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Labradorite Stone Healing Properties

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Labradorite Stone Healing Properties

Labradorite Stone Healing Properties


People say that Labradorite fell from the Aurora Borealis. It’s a mystical stone with extraordinary powers, and its shimmering beauty reminds us of the wonders of the Earth. Labradorite is a protector stone known for its strengthening energies. If you’ve ever wondered what Labradorite offers you, you’ve come to the right place. 

What Is Labradorite

Labradorite is a feldspar gemstone that offers iridescent colors that can be seen from any angle. These gems usually have a dark base color and a metallic blue or green coating. The iridescent effect is commonly known as labradorescence. The internal fractures reflect light and cause it to disperse into many colors. 

It has a Mohs hardness of 6-6.5 and is in the triclinic crystal system. Often, Labradorite is used for beads and other ornamental objects. These crystals aren’t usually treated or enhanced. The color effect of this stone easily distinguishes it from other types of gems. 

Types Of Labradorite

There are a few subcategories of Labradorite, each with its own properties. 

  • Spectrolite has leadership energy and the power of transformation. It’s found in Finland and displays a spectrum of colors. 
  • Rainbow Moonstone is known as the traveler’s stone and is the stone of love and carnal desires. It also supports self-expression. 
  • Andesine is the name of a treated Labradorite when the color is enhanced through machinery.

Meaning Of Labradorite

Labradorite is a stone of magic. It’s closely tied to shamans and healers who use it for guidance. It can awaken your inner spirit and psychic abilities when used properly. This stone is the most powerful protector of all the minerals. 

This crystal creates shields of energies and protects from within. It guards against negativity and misfortune so that you can safely move between worlds. It also allows you to safely return from this journey when the time comes. 

Labradorite was discovered in Labrador, Canada, which is where it gets its name from. As an interesting side note, this stone has no connection to the dog breed of a similar name. Labradorite can be found in Madagascar, Norway, Russia, and Australia. 

History Of Labradorite

Long ago, Labradorite was a talismanic gem of winter. It was thought to bring good fortune to those who wore it. Some Inuit groups in North America say that Labradorite fell from the Northern Lights and their ancestors’ fire.  Another legend says that the Northern Lights were stuck inside the stone, and a warrior released them by destroying the rock with a spear. 

The -ite suffix comes from Ancient Latin and Greek. It’s a suffix often used to form adjectives that are connected or belong to something else. This stone was rarely found in crystal form but rather in larger fragments. In the 18th century, Labradorite was a popular stone for jewelry in England and France.

Healing Properties Of Labradorite

Since it is the “stone of magic,” Labradorite is used for a large list of ailments. It’s beneficial for the lungs and assists with respiratory issues. It’s also helpful for digestion and your metabolism. Placing it on the stomach or chest will align your chakras with the stone and allow for healing.

It’s been used to stimulate the mind and even for helping with brain disorders. Labradorite is known to aid in symptoms of depression and anxiety, promoting self-love and confidence. It also lowers blood pressure and helps with gout. 

Labradorite helps to calm those who cannot slow down their thoughts. It helps you remember things you might have forgotten about too. This stone encourages introspection and brings wisdom to those who use it. It’s known as an uplifting crystal that gets rid of insecurities and struggles from within. 

Known to release fearful thoughts, this crystal has the power to keep negativity at bay. Wearing a Labradorite bracelet helps calm overactive minds and dispels feelings of distress in situations with high tensions. 

Chakra Association

The blue crystal energy that comes from Labradorite helps open and cleanse the Throat chakra. This is the voice of the body and the other chakras. If the Throat chakra is blocked, it will be difficult to communicate with others effectively and will affect the health of the other chakras below it. 

This stone allows for free expression of what you’re really feeling. If you tend to hold back your opinions and thoughts from others, Labradorite will change that for you. It enables the natural release of energy from the lower chakras to continue upward through the Crown chakra. 

Labradorite is also helpful in activating the Third Eye chakra. This chakra allows you to see your destiny and bring you knowledge from beyond this realm. This stone in particular exhibits spiritual and magical properties which makes it a potent gemstone. 

Zodiac Sign

Although Labradorite is not an official birthstone of any month, it is a perfect stone for spring babies. During this time, everything is new and fresh, bringing joy and faith to people lost in the darkness of winter. Labradorite is beneficial for Cancers because of its many colors and energy. 

How To Use Labradorite

When you wear Labradorite, it awakens your mental abilities, which can feel like magic. Allowing clarity and full cognitive function makes you feel more alive than ever before. Placing this stone at your place of work will bring out the best in your coworkers and make your work environment more positive. 

Carrying around Labradorite is useful for people struggling with any type of addiction or mental illness. It is particularly useful to people who need help quitting tobacco, alcohol, or reckless behavior. It encourages you to think before you act, allowing you to make better decisions for yourself. 

Cleansing Labradorite Stones

To maintain the best energy for your crystal, it needs to be cleansed, charged, and activated regularly. Freshwater rinses are ideal for Labradorite, as well as a quick saltwater bath. Sound cleansing and smoke may also be used to cleanse the crystal. 

This stone will also benefit from being placed in a cluster or geode of crystals. It does okay in sunlight, but you should be careful about exposing it to the sun for too long. If you start to notice that the color of your crystal is fading, remove it from direct sunlight to a darker place. 

When you are activating and charging your crystal, it is essential to visualize your intentions. This will fill your Labradorite with positive intentions and healing abilities. When you carry around your crystal it will absorb the energy that it is surrounded by. If your crystal becomes exposed to toxic energy, you should cleanse it as soon as possible. 

Bottom Line

If you want to acquire more knowledge, Labradorite is the stone for you. It’s a perfect tool for people looking to attract prosperity and good fortune into their lives. Feeling stuck in a rut or looking to make a change in your life? This stone resolves those issues three times over. It’s a stone of transformation that allows you to reinvent yourself. 



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