All Gemstone Meanings & Crystal Properties

All Gemstone Meanings & Crystal Properties

There is an endless amount of different gemstones out there, each with its own unique properties. Each possesses rich historical roots and current uses that help with physical, emotional, and spiritual ailments. Let’s discuss some of the most popular gemstones available and what they can do.

Aquamarine Stone

The aquamarine stone is associated with purity and the ocean. It inspires truth within its user and was once believed to be the treasure of sea creatures. It’s known for promoting heartfelt communication and invoking happiness.

The stone’s name comes from the Latin Aqua Marinus, which means water of the sea, likely due to its ocean blue hue. This stone is reflective and can help people discover the hidden meanings of reality. Aquamarine can be used to explore deeper levels of the soul so that we may know ourselves better.

This gemstone is associated with the Throat chakra and can help with public speaking. It can assist you with articulating your thoughts clearly to others. Aquamarine can also be used in confrontation to negotiate a compromise between parties. This stone is often given as a gift that symbolizes commitment.

Citrine Stone

Citrine is all about manifestation and attracting success. It is associated with wealth and prosperity and has been called “the merchant’s stone” for its propensity to attract all things good.

This is a useful stone for people who work in finance and sales. It can help increase your productivity and attract love and happiness into your life. It can also be used to protect against feelings of spite.

People with fiery personalities may react negatively to citrine, so be mindful of that. You should also be careful when charging this stone because citrine can fade in the sunlight. We recommend using other methods for charging this crystal.

Garnet stone

Garnet is known as the stone of health. It is thought to improve energy flow and make you feel revitalized. This gemstone is most commonly red, but it comes in a wide variety of colors. Traditionally, this stone was worn during battles in ancient times because it was thought to protect warriors.

It’s also an extremely energizing stone that can be worn or placed for good luck. Garnet can help build your self-confidence and even bring clarity to your life and your purpose, and it’s unique in the wide variety of properties that it brings to the table.

Garnet usually comes from India or Brazil and is fairly common. The word garnet comes from the Latin word granatum, which means pomegranate. Garnet is excellent at working with your energy to do whatever your chakras need at the moment.

Garnet is also known for:

  • Improving daily amounts of energy
  • Opening up your heart
  • Increasing creativity 
  • Establishing trust or faith
  • Promoting joy

Malachite stone

Malachite stone is a stone known for balance and drawing out emotions. It’s a powerful stone for the metaphysical realm and is used for cleaning energy. It can activate all of the seven chakras, but especially the Heart and Throat.

This stone is a rich green color that can be mesmerizing. It’s a spiritually inviting stone that can personify its healing nature, draw out impurities, and stimulate the life force in the body.

The word malachite comes from the Greek word malakee, which is in reference to the green color of a specific kind of leaf. Malachite has been used for centuries by civilizations that believed it protected them from evil. This stone is useful in areas of tension to help reduce stress from arising. Malachite has also been known to help with the growth of healthy relationships.

Obsidian stone

Obsidian is a type of volcanic glass that comes from lava that rapidly cools. It’s black and has a smooth, glassy texture. It can be found all over the world and was beloved by the Aztecs.

This stone stimulates growth and connects you to your Root chakra. It keeps your mind aligned with your body and spirit and has been known to aid in healthy blood circulation and digestive problems. Obsidian wants you to thrive in every sense of the word.

This gemstone can protect you from negative energy and allow you to explore the unknown without fear of consequence. It can also help you let go of some of your past traumas and move forward. Staying grounded through your root chakra is key for enlightenment and stability. Obsidian allows you to connect with that energy and prosper from it.

Rose Quartz stone

Rose Quartz stone is known as the stone of love and harmony. It purifies your heart and heals friendships that have gone through rifts. Rose Quartz can also bring comfort during a period of grief. It’s considered a feminine stone because of its soft hue and blush appearance and is associated with the heart and throat chakra.

This stone is not just about romantic relationships; it can also aid in family communication and self-love. This gemstone comes in many different shades of pink and can be smoky or clear in appearance. Rose Quartz is from the Greek word hyalos, which means glass. This crystal has appeared in mythology, too, such as in the legends surrounding the birth of Aphrodite. 

Rose quartz is thought to help women during pregnancy because of its feminine energy, and new moms can benefit from this stone to help nurture their bond with their baby. Rose quartz can help heal pain or trauma through the heart chakra. 

Selenite stone

Selenite is known as a goddess stone because of its angel-like color. The stone comes from Hydrous calcium sulfate and is on the softer side. It’s a reminder that we should be gentle going through life because it is fragile.

Selenite can be found in Mexico, Japan, Brazil, and the USA. The Greek goddess of the moon is named Selene, hence its name. Selene was said to have the power to light the night sky. Selenite can provide a sense of serenity and healing in your life, no matter the area.

This gemstone can help people with anxiety and allow you to free yourself from troubling thoughts. It allows you to think with clarity and has good judgment in all of your decisions. This stone allows you to feel liberated and powerful too. 

Thie crystal works with the Crown and Third Eye chakra to allow you to receive messages from the universe. Before these chakras can be aligned, selenite worlds on the Heart chakra to allow the energy to flow upward. Selenite is associated with the Taurus zodiac sign because of its practical behavior and stubbornness. 

Tiger’s Eye stone

Tiger’s eye comes from the Chalcedony and is opaque with reddish-brown hues. This stone is known for its inner strength abilities and willpower. It’s been nicknamed the shapeshifter and can be used to protect yourself from evil. 

Tiger’s eye is formed by altering crocidolite, and it appears golden because of the iron oxide present. In ancient times this stone was extremely rare and considered more precious than gold. It was even used on the breastplates of a Roman soldier during battle. 

Tiger’s eye is connected to the root and sacral chakra, so it helps with your emotional wellbeing as well as banishing your inner saboteur. This gem can also help with motivation and problems with your metabolism. This crystal is associated with Geminis, who are naturally creative and decisive.  

Wrapping Up

Finding the right stone for your intentions is a process, so don’t give up. Look for a stone that speaks to you and feels like it was meant to be in your hands. Hopefully, learning more about these stones will help you decide what your chakras truly need. Just got a new crystal - learn What to Do with Your New Crystal in our article!

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