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Fluorite Stone Meaning, Symbolism, and Uses

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Fluorite Stone Meaning, Symbolism, and Uses

Fluorite Stone Meaning, Symbolism, and Uses


Are you seeking confidence and direction in your life? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Fluorite is all about putting you on the right path and encouraging you to love yourself. This gemstone has an interesting past, and there are several varieties out there, each with its own healing potential. Let’s talk about what Fluorite can do for you. 

What Is Fluorite

Fluorite is a halide mineral that is usually transparent, although it can come in purple, black, pink, and green shades, too. It’s a form of calcium fluoride and shows different colors depending on the light’s angle on it. 

This stone has a Mohs hardness of 4 and is used in many ceramic processes. Fluorite can be found in the cavities of limestones, as well as in places with hydrothermal processes occurring. In the world of mining, this stone is referred to as fluorspar. 

Fluorite is the only mineral that has four directions of perfect cleavage. It’s easy to identify because of this. George Stokes discovered that Fluorite could glow blue under specific light, which he called fluorescence. Under short-wave ultraviolet rays, this stone glows a blue-violet color. 

Types Of Fluorite

There are a couple of different varieties of Fluorite that naturally occur. Each of these possesses its own unique abilities. Here are a few:

  • Blue Sky Fluorite is associated with the Throat chakra. It helps clear away overwhelming feelings and depression. 
  • Rainbow Fluorite possesses calming energy and brings chaos to rest. It stabilizes your aura and protects it too. 
  • Venus Fluorite gets rid of anger stored in the Solar Plexus chakra. It allows you to access truth and wisdom and let go of worries. 
  • Blue John Fluorite is used in meditation to reveal certain truths. It releases suppressed feelings and allows you to take control of your life. 

Whichever type of Fluorite you decide to use, make sure that it speaks to you when choosing it. Pay attention to how you feel when you pick it up and hold it in your hand near your body. If one doesn’t feel right, you can try a different crystal that vibes with your energy. 

Symbolism Of Fluorite

Fluorite is associated with sweeping away negative energy and bringing in bright spiritual energy. It’s a great stone for people looking to detox their minds. It lifts the fog from your head and lets you think clearly. 

It connects with the human body’s energy fields in a way that no other crystal can. Fluorite is all about establishing a sense of harmony and joy within your life. This includes all the areas of your life, including personal and professional. So if you’re looking for a way to improve your work-life balance, this is the perfect way to do it. 

Fluorite is still regarded as mystical and mysterious by many. This is because of its dazzling colors and shimmering appearance. People who use this crystal find themselves enjoying better sleep and waking up happier. 

Meaning Behind Fluorite

The word Fluorite comes from the Latin word fluere, which means “flow” in English. It’s found in China, South Africa, and France. Fluorite is used as a source of fluorine for water. It is widely believed that Fluorite has a calming effect on your body. 

People in ancient Rome believed that mixing alcoholic beverages in vessels made from Fluorite would prevent you from getting drunk, much in the same way as Amethyst. During the 18th century, people would grind Fluorite into a powder to treat kidney diseases.

Healing Properties

This stone is one of the best crystals for aura cleansing. It brings truth and clarity to all of your decisions and thoughts. This is especially true for people who struggle with indecisiveness. Fluorite also possesses specific physical and mental healing properties. 


fluorite stone


Fluorite brings health to your body, no matter the area. It flushes out toxins and is used as an antiviral stone. This is useful for people fighting an infection to improve their condition before it gets worse. Fluorite is also used to treat joint problems and conditions like arthritis. It increases the body’s mobility and allows you to wake up with less pain. 

This stone is all about finding your flow and rhythm in life, helping you to think straight and be fully equipped to make hard decisions. This crystal knows how to balance creativity and productivity. It’ll keep you grounded and allow you to be imaginative too. 

Uses Of Fluorite

There are a couple of different ways to incorporate Fluorite into your life. No matter which one you pick, the goal is to become closer to this stone’s energy. Welcoming its healing abilities will allow you to fully embrace life as it comes at you. 

Bringing Fluorite into your home or office can fill the space with positivity. It’s perfect for all sectors of Feng Shui and brings luck and prosperity to any location. Building a Fluorite tower will be particularly useful for people looking to attract more recognition into their lives. 

Wearing Fluorite jewelry is also a great way to make use of this crystal’s abilities. Having direct contact with this gemstone can ease tensions and stabilize your chakras. You can choose to wear a ring, pendant, or bracelet, whatever fits your style. 

You may also combine this crystal with other crystals for specific results. This includes Amethyst, Agate, Rose Quartz, and Aventurine. These gems will give you an extra dose of healing powers. 

Cleansing And Charging Fluorite

Fluorite is a softer stone, so it’s essential to take proper care when cleaning it. Rinsing it over and over again may eventually damage the rock’s structure. Leaving it in moonlight or sunlight is one of the most effective ways to cleanse and charge your Fluorite. 

Smudging the Fluorite with sage is also a great method for getting rid of the negative energy attached to the crystal. Waving the smoke over the crystal and changing its intentions will bring back the positive vibes of the stone. 

Zodiac Sign

Fluorite is the birthstone for Capricorns. People born under this birthstone are generally organized and ambitious. This stone helps bring order to their world and sharpens their thought process. 

Pisces may also benefit from using Fluorite because of their emphatic tendencies. Pisces go with the flow, which is exactly what Fluorite is for. 

Chakra Association

The color of Fluorite that you choose will determine the chakra that it benefits. For example, if you choose green Fluorite, it will assist in cleansing the Heart chakra. 

  • Purple Fluorite is for the Third Eye chakra.
  • Blue Fluorite is for the Throat chakra.
  • Clear Fluorite is for the Crown chakra. 

Bottom Line

People who desire extra energy and more clarity should think about getting Fluorite. Life can be stressful, and everyone faces difficult decisions. Fluorite helps you make up your mind so that you can keep living as freely as possible. Cleansing your auras and body of negative energies is essential to being happy and getting the most out of every day. 



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