Crystals to Bust Bad Habits in the New Year

Crystals to Bust Bad Habits in the New Year

Everyone loves the phrase “new year, new me” when the clock strikes midnight, and the date turns one year older. But how exactly can you create a new environment that helps you become the new person you want to be? It’s easier said than done. But no matter what, your desire to grow out of old habits that no longer serve you and make room for health and healing should be applauded!

James Clear, author of New York Time’s best-selling book Atomic Habits, says, “You don't eliminate a bad habit, you replace it.” That’s why he recommends cutting out the things that trigger those bad habits and then replacing the bad habit with a good one! So while ridding yourself of bad habits this New Year may take lots of inner work as well as changes to your daily routine, crystals can be the best friend supporting you through it all! So here are the best crystals to combat bad habits.

Less Stress, More Joy

Many of us deal with stress on a daily level. We let those anxious feelings and intrusive thoughts bleed throughout the entire day, disrupting your focus and stripping you of feeling joy in the present moment. Of course, we can’t rid ourselves of stress entirely, but we can find a way to allow positive sensations to fill most of the day, rather than stress. There are many triggers that could be contributing to your stress. 

For example, a micromanaging boss at work, your morning commute in heavy traffic, or noisy neighbors can cause the overwhelming tension getting you down. At the same time, an unending to-do list or a messy house could be the root of it all. The point is: what can you control? Stress is a bad habit in itself. And with stress triggers gone, perhaps you can release other bad habits more quickly too.

Your Crystal Choice: Amethyst and Clear Quartz give you the strength to rid your life of stress triggers and the peace to gracefully handle the things you cannot control. Amethyst propels your will-power forward, giving you the strength to let go of old habits in the new year. This purple gemstone is the ultimate spiritual booster for personal growth. You’ll need this dazzling crystal by your side. 

Clear Quartz, a gorgeous white gem, is also a booster of personal growth--but in a well-rounded way. It empowers you to see things clearly and connect to your intuition so you can guide yourself on your new path filled with better habits. It’ll help you see the situations to avoid and which ones are worth the endurance. 

anti-stress ring clear quartz

To banish stressful thoughts from your life, try the Anti-Stress Ring. Wear it during those stressful times to help melt away those negative energies surrounding you. There are four varieties, but we highly recommend either Amethyst or Clear Quartz.

Less Spending, More Wealth Building

Do you have a habit of spending more than you earn? Living outside your means? Perhaps it’s not that dramatic. Sometimes we just have a hard time putting aside a chunk of each paycheck to save for a rainy day. Money tends to be a sore subject for many people because it takes a lot of time and energy to decide how much to spend after all the bills are paid. And as many people live paycheck to paycheck, even that can be considered a luxury. So what can you do if handling money has become a bad habit for you? If you’re not as financially responsible as you’d like to be? 

Most people would encourage you to save more money each month. And while that’s a fantastic new year’s goal to have, here’s another one: attract more money. You deserve to have a good relationship with money, not a love-hate relationship where you guilt yourself into saving everything only to overspend and beat yourself up about it. Neither end of the spectrum is healthy. Instead, focus on changing how you view money - it is not evil. It only helps you live more comfortably and you are worthy of more money in your life.

Your Crystal Choice: Reach for the bold Tiger’s Eye. Typically known as a masculine stone, don’t shy away from it. It can be a fantastic crystal for both men and women. This intriguing black and gold stone encourages you to prosper in the world of wealth. It helps you explore your creative strengths. It enables you to reach your financial goals, whether that means saving more or earning more. 

tiger's eye ring

If you want to bring more wealth into your life, The Ring of Power & Grace is the right choice for you. Created for men and women with lofty success goals, it will steer you in the right direction. Allow yourself to dream big and live confidently.

Less Indulgence, More Balance

Have you been indulging in habits that are not so good for you? Perhaps it’s something not good for your body, such as smoking cigarettes, or maybe you’re just taking for granted the quality of life you live. Your indulgence may not be apparent to those around you, but it’s something that has been bothering you for a while. That’s why you need the best crystals for bad habits in the coming year. If you have a sort of “miscellaneous” indulgence you need to shed, you may need to recalibrate your chakras to pinpoint the change that needs to be made.

Chakra Healing: Chakras, meaning "wheels" in Sanskrit. Your chakras are bubbles of energy with specific vibrations and representative colors that powerfully navigate your emotional well-being throughout your body. If you indulge in a specific “sin” (e.g., overeating, over-exercising, overspending, smoking, etc.), and you’re not sure how to stop, you need to begin the year with a chakra cleanse to bring balance back into your energy system. You’ll want to read up on chakra cleansing and choose a route that calls to your soul during this spiritual rejuvenation period. Even if you’re feeling balanced, it’s a wonderful ritual to do as you enter a new year!

7 chakra set

To finally let go of bad habits, we recommend the 7 Chakra ‘Blissful Healing’ Set. It includes a colored crystal aligned with each chakra so that you don’t have to make a choice! Use it to clear your chakras and begin anew. Feel the gratitude and replace the need to indulge.

Less Fighting, More Healing

Do you find yourself combative with people lately? Arguing with your partner more than usual? Bickering with family members over unimportant matters? It happens to the best of us, but it is not something we want to let slide. Too many arguments can lead to rifts within relationships and distance between lovers. Let too much in, and it’s hard to repair. If you’ve found a habit of picking fights and shutting down when it comes time to have serious talks, then it’s time to let that old habit die! With the new year, invite in a healthier form of communication into your home and your heart. You’ll see how harmony brings you more joy in life and leaves room for true healing as you move forward in your spiritual journey. 

Your Crystals: Choose Selenite and Rose Quartz. Selenite is an all-encompassing energy cleaner. It will help keep negative energies away from you so you can be a brighter, happier aura around your friends and family. Rose Quartz is a pink-hued stone that promotes self-love. When someone is often negative or hard to talk to, it usually means they are fighting their own bad feelings. Learn to heal so you can be vulnerable around those who matter most. A communication crystal like Blue Aventurine can also help you learn to find a middle ground with your loved ones and discuss the bigger picture, too.

protected home pyramid set

To bring peace and harmony into your home, try the Protected Home Pyramid Set. It includes everything you need to keep the energy light in your house, such as Rose Quartz and Blue Aventurine. 

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