How to Choose the Perfect Crystal Gift for Your Loved Ones

How do you find the perfect crystal gift for your friends, family, or partner? The best gifts all relate to the receiver. What’s going on in their lives? And how can you, as a kind and caring soul, find them the perfect crystal to help? We created this handy Conscious Gift Guide to help you out.
How to Choose the Perfect Crystal Gift for Your Loved Ones

Choosing the best crystal for somebody else can be difficult. It’s a highly intuitive process so it requires you to know the person inside out. What is it they need in their life? Despite its difficulty, giving a crystal gift is one of the most thoughtful things you can do. It shows that you’ve considered your relationship in-depth, and thought long and hard about what would benefit your loved one the most.

So how do you find the perfect crystal gift for your friends, family, or partner? The best stones to give as gifts all relate to the receiver. What’s going on in their lives? And how can you, as a kind and caring soul, find them the perfect crystal to help? We’ll cover a few of the most common intentions below and recommend a gift or two for each.

Change & Spiritual Evolution

Everything changes and everybody grows all the time. Think long and hard about your loved one. Are they having a baby? Moving house? Did they recently get a new job? Or have a nasty break-up? These types of big life events are often a catalyst for change. 

If your sister, friend, or spouse is going through a unique change in their life, malachite could be the stone they need. Often called the stone of transformation, malachite protects its owner’s energy during big life changes. It’s especially powerful if these new experiences are sudden, stressful, or overwhelming. This calming crystal can help reduce worries or uncertainty that may become too much to bear at this time. 


anti-anxiety bracelet

The Anti-Anxiety Bracelet is the go-to malachite piece for support and personal power. It’s a thoughtful gift for anybody who’s changing lanes or just coming into themselves as a person.

Focus & Grounding

If your spouse is struggling to focus on that passion project they’re always talking about, or your child is finding it difficult to concentrate on their studies, then tiger’s eye is probably a safe bet to help them get on track. 

Tiger’s eye activates the solar plexus chakra and is known to increase your inner drive. It boosts self-esteem and helps motivate you to reach your goals. Some people carry it to bring good luck, and it’s also thought to ward off evil. 

Another top quality crystal for focus is fluorite. This gemstone clears the clouds of confusion and encourages you to take a step back and see the bigger picture. It heightens your mental skills and helps you fully digest any new information.


pyramid of focus

For a tiger’s eye gift for concentration, you can’t get much better than the Determination Bracelet. It’s a fantastic piece of jewelry for enhancing self-discipline and pushing yourself to achieve your full potential. The Pyramid of Focus is a great alternative if you know your loved one isn’t a fan of jewelry. They can place it on their work desk to stay on track.

Love & Joy

If the person you’re planning a gift for needs a little more love in their life, then there are plenty of crystals that will do the trick. Are they entering into a new relationship? Single and ready to mingle? Or perhaps you’re always telling them how amazing they are but they don’t quite realize it themselves? You can help guide the way with the right crystal.

Rose quartz is your stereotypical love stone. It enhances love in all forms, meaning you can attract romance and boost self-love and self-care. It encourages you to forgive and let go of the past, so if your best buddy is still recovering from a broken heart, this might be the gem she needs.

It can sometimes be hard to know whether a piece of jewelry will be appreciated more than the crystal itself. With rose quartz, you don’t need to worry. The Rose Quartz Healing Crystal Set offers both a bracelet and the raw healing crystal. Not only that, but it also features a rose quartz dowsing pendulum! Your friend can learn a new skill (if she doesn’t know how to dowse already) and grow more in touch with her intuition.

Protection & Support

Crystals are great for keeping negative energy at bay. Their vibration supports and resonates with your own, helping you attract what’s right for you. Support stones like these are best used by empaths and highly compassionate people. If your best friend is the selfless kind who always put others before themselves, then they’re most likely drained when alone. Help them to avoid absorbing toxic energy with a protection crystal.

Black tourmaline and black obsidian are the most common protection stones. For these to work at their best, you want to have them against your skin. Rings, bracelets, and anklets work well as the wearer can remain in touch with the stone’s energy throughout the day. However, necklaces and pendants take this to another level by guarding your most vulnerable area. They can often be held like a tumbled stone too, which can create an even stronger connection.


premium black obsidian talisman

This Premium Black Obsidian Talisman is one of the best crystal gifts for protection. It clears the surrounding environment from negativity and helps the wearer understand why they act the way they do. It’s the best gift you can give if you want to defend your loved one’s energies.

If you want a necklace with gentler energy, then the Small Victory Necklace is a fantastic alternative. Tourmaline helps the wearer overcome confidence issues and release their inhibitions.

Healing & Cleansing

Generally, the best stones to give as gifts are healing crystals. They enhance your energy and help you recover from low points, physically or emotionally. If your friend or relative is suffering from an illness, a good healing crystal could be an excellent supplement to their traditional treatment. 

Some of your friends might not be as into crystals as you are, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get them one. They may be reluctant to try some of the techniques required to get the most out of their stone, but they will still enjoy it for its beauty. Never has this been truer than with the Healing Lamp


healing lamp

Made from clear quartz, otherwise known as the ‘master healer’, this lamp lights your room in loving, healing energy. It’s the perfect gift for somebody who’s suffering from pain but doesn’t believe in the power of crystals. They can use it as a lamp, and through their interaction with the crystal, they will become connected to it naturally. It’s almost like a secret healing spy, disguised as a lamp. It will watch over your loved ones and keep their room clear of negative energy 24/7.

Wealth & Success

Is your loved one going through financial difficulties? Is your best friend trying to save for her dream trip? Your sibling aiming to get a promotion at work? Some crystals are well-known for manifesting money and prosperity. They bring abundance and emphasize qualities related to success. As you can imagine, they work rather well as gifts.

Citrine is the crystal that most people think of when they hear the term, money-magnet. It’s a bright yellow gem that enhances positive energy and increases joy. It elevates you to the frequency of wealth. However, you could also use pyrite, tiger’s eye, or jade.

Jade in particular is underused when it comes to manifesting wealth. Its ability to attract abundance is up there with the best of them, and it promotes a can-do attitude that’s necessary for success. The Financial Success Anklet is the ideal gift for that one friend of yours who has big dreams. This could be the stone to give them an extra push in the right direction. If you have a relative that’s attending a job interview sometime soon, then give them a piece of jade to take with them for luck.

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