Calcite Stone Meaning and Healing Properties

To harness a crystal’s unique abilities, you must first understand the crystal and its history. Read more about calcite and the many ways it can benefit your life.
Calcite Stone Meaning and Healing Properties

Every crystal in existence is unique because of its geological formations and healing properties associated with it. Opening yourself up to crystals gives you power that you would’ve never imagined having. Discovering a new crystal and adding it to your collection can be really exciting. 

What Is Calcite

Calcite is a mineral found in limestone and marble, which make up a large part of the Earth’s crust. This mineral is used for construction material and pigments all across the globe. Calcite is used to produce cement and concrete to form extremely durable buildings and bridges. 

Calcite is one of the most common minerals in the world and makes up the bulk of chalk and stalactites. Calcite is a calcium carbonate that has been crystallized. It has a three on the Mohs hardness scale, so it’s not commonly used for jewelry. 

Types Of Calcite

There are a couple of different variations of calcite. They each have their structure and healing attributes. Here are a few:

  • Blue Calcite is associated with communication enhancement and with the Throat chakra. It originated from Mexico and Madagascar. 
  • Citrine Calcite enhances mental energies and meditation abilities. It’s usually light or dark gold in color and is associated with the Solar Plexus and Navel chakra. 
  • Green Calcite is for mental healing and aiding in letting go of the past. It stimulates your digestive and immune system to fight off infections. It also absorbs negative energies.
  • Red Calcite is known for being uplifting both physically and emotionally. It can shift any stagnant energy and is associated with the Base and Navel chakra. It’s red-brown in color and is most often found in Mexico. 

Symbolism Of Calcite

Calcite has a lot of attributes that help the body and mind. It increases your empathy as well as your awareness of others. It is known as the stone of emotional intelligence. Calcite builds a bridge between your emotional center and your intellect. 

When you are feeling rushed, calcite is the stone to use to make wise decisions. This balance will lead you to a happier, more fulfilling lifestyle. It is also a stone for clearing energy in any space it is placed in. 

Calcite is known for being an energy amplifier. Each type of calcite has its properties that provide spiritual growth and allow creativity to flow freely, although the two most popular types of calcite are green and orange. These crystals cleanse and amplify energy in whatever space they are put in. 

This gem is known to be a muse for creative people of the world. This is especially true for people experiencing blocks of inspiration. Calcite rebalances the heart chakra so that you can live your life the way you were meant to. This crystal is perfect for harnessing gentle energy in healing environments. 

Meaning Behind Calcite Stone

The name calcite is from the Latin word chalix, which means lime. It has also been referred to as “lime spar” in some areas of the world. HIgh-quality calcite was used in World War II for gun sights and anti-aircraft weaponry. Calcite has been known for centuries to bring hope and motivation to those who use it. 

This crystal was used in ancient civilizations to heal many ailments, including bladder, kidney, and bowel problems. It also strengthened joints in the body and dissolved calcification on broken bones. Calcite was used to increase the body’s blood clotting ability and tissue healing as well, and it even encouraged growth in underdeveloped children.  

Healing Properties Of Calcite

Calcite is a very spiritual stone that aids in opening higher consciousness for those who harness its powers. It helps your mind remember your soul’s past experiences from other lifetimes, as well as teaching discernment and boosting memory. 

This gem also combats feelings of laziness and gives you bursts of energy to accomplish things. It eases the emotional stress that you may be feeling and replaces that feeling with peace. Known as a stabilizing stone, it increases your ability to trust others and yourself. 


calcite stone


Calcite gives you the ability to discern which information you are hearing is the most important. It also allows you to study more effectively and turn your ideas into actions. Blue calcite, in particular, helps you communicate your feelings and make you more aware of how your words are perceived by others. This stone’s energy aligns your body and mind with the spirit reams and helps you focus on any metaphysical pursuits. 

Chakra Association

Calcite is mostly associated with the Heart chakra. It activates this chakra so that you can let go of any negative emotions from your past. This is a useful stone for people who often cry without knowing why. 

Calcite is also associated with the Sacral chakra. This stone can clear blockages of this chakra but also ensure it doesn’t become overactive. This can happen with any of the chakras, causing your whole aura to feel out of alignment. 

The Sacral chakra is known as the partnership chakra and influences your fears and strengths. If this chakra is out of balance, you will experience a lack of energy. Once it is balanced, your body will be energized to create and love passionately. 

This stone aligns you with the Divine Mother, the highest form of motherly love in the universe. This feminine energy exists in everyone, no matter their gender. Any icon with feminine wisdom you are looking to connect with can be reached with calcite. 

How To Use Calcite

This crystal is easy to obtain and is pretty inexpensive, too, so it’s worth including in your collection for its many benefits. Placing this stone centrally in any room will allow its healing properties to get to work. This will amplify the positive energy and remove all of the negativity in the space. 

Calcite can also be placed under your pillow to promote better sleep and dreams. It will also allow for healing to take place overnight while you rest. Placing calcite in certain rooms can raise their vibration quite significantly. 

Gorgeous jewelry is also made using calcite to wear for physical or mental healing. The energy from calcite is soothing and empowering for those who wear it as a pendant or other statement piece. If you are looking for a moment of peace and clarity, simply hold a piece of calcite near your body as you meditate.

Cleansing Calcite Stones

Calcite is one of the softer crystals out there, so cleaning it with salt is not a good idea. Plain water is excellent for calcite, however, and this stone can even be cleansed in the shower with you. Moonlight can be used for charging calcite when you have specific intentions in mind for it. 

Cleansing your calcite can be done according to what you feel it needs. This might be using larger stones, sage, or sound healing. Any of these methods will work for this gemstone as long as you focus your energy on it. 

The Bottom Line

Calcite has many wonderful attributes and is also very easy to use for beginners. If you’re looking for a crystal with good vibrations and a way to cleanse your environment, consider getting calcite. 




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