Agate Stone Meaning and Healing Properties

The agate stone is a beautiful crystal for anyone’s collection and has a unique set of healing properties. Read more about agate and how it can help your meditation journey.
Agate Stone Meaning and Healing Properties

When discovering the healing possibilities of crystals, you may have come across agate in your research. It’s a lovely crystal with many varieties that present different abilities. If you’re interested in knowing more about agate and how you can use it to your benefit, let’s begin!

What Is Agate?

To start simple, let’s talk about what type of stone agate is. It’s a rock formation from the Chalcedony class, which is a type of quartz. On the Mohs scale, agate is a seven and is usually found in volcanic rocks. 

Agate is related to healing and grounding properties, although it comes in many varieties and patterns that offer multiple meanings. 

Types Of Agate

Agate comes in nearly every color of the rainbow, each offering its powers to be wielded. Each person might resonate with a certain type of agate, so pay attention to how each one makes you feel. 

  • Fire agate contains layers of Limonite and can be used for energizing purposes. It can also help create a protective shield around your body. 
  • Moss agate is known to be calming and detoxifying. It is extremely potent when it comes into contact with your skin and can help relieve pains.  
  • White agate is associated with balance and gaining access to the higher realms. It can help you with your crown chakra and allow you to overcome the daily struggles of your life. 
  • Yellow agate helps shift your perspective and allows you to gain knowledge logically. 

Symbolism Of Agate

Agate is all about rebalancing and harmonizing. This can benefit your mind and your body while helping to improve your perception of the world. Agate can also help get rid of negativity around you and bring soothing and calmness to your soul. 

It also has physical effects. The agate stone has been known to aid in healing certain areas of the body that have pain or discomfort, such as the stomach. 

Agate is known for stabilizing and supporting your energy. The agate stone itself has a beautiful exterior, making it an extremely popular stone. Agate can help connect you to the vibrations of Earth and can be useful for beginners. If you’re feeling scattered or overwhelmed, pull out your agate stone to help you. 

Meaning Behind Agate Stone

The agate stone has often been used historically to protect against negative energy in different civilizations. It was even believed to protect against natural disasters and negative superstitions or magical figures. 



The agate stone continues to anchor and protect you by allowing you to find your center. Agate can be found in a lot of different areas of the world, making it easy to collect. It promotes inner stability and composure while encouraging self-confidence. Agate can quell desires for things that we don’t really need and help us express our ideas freely. 

Healing Properties

Agate has many healing properties on the physical level as well as the mental level. It’s a gentle rock, which makes it useful for relieving stress and bringing harmony. The properties of agate can recalibrate your mind and body so that your chakras are realigned. 

Blue Lace Agate helps bring feelings of calmness to the user and can help with a throat chakra cleanse. Meditating with agate can help you speak with confidence and become a better listener too. When your throat chakra is out of balance, it can affect all of the relationships in your life, making your interactions with them feel inauthentic. 

Agate can also assist in relieving feelings of anxiety because of its soothing properties. The energy from this crystal can guide you away from an overwhelmed state and allow you to become centered again. Moss agate is very useful for increasing your endurance in life and giving you steady energy. 

How To Use Agate

You can harness the power of agate through
meditation and practice. Set aside time during meditation to focus on connecting with the agate stone—hold the agate in your hands and focus on your breathing and intentions. Try to harmonize with the energy from the stone and allow yourself to feel it throughout each of your chakras. 

You can focus your energy on the agate stone during meditation and think about what you want. This could be processing change, stress, or any other issues that pop up in life. Through this practice, the agate can help support you through almost anything and give you the stability you need to get through it. 

Cleansing Agate Stones

Crystals that aren’t properly
cleansed or charged often can't work properly to achieve the intended goal. It’s vital that you keep your agate crystals working correctly to get the best results. Agate stones can be cleaned in a variety of different ways, such as using soap and water or utilizing salt water or sage. Each cleaning method offers its own benefits. 

You should choose a method that feels right for you. Just because one method works for someone else doesn’t mean it’s right for you. You should make sure that you allow the stones to dry all the way afterward. 


agate stone

Sometimes, people use sandpaper on agate to make the stone appear shinier. If you do this, be very careful not to damage the stone itself in the process. If you want to charge your agate, you can put them under the sunlight or the moonlight. 

The more often your crystal is used, the more energy that it collects. This can result in stale or harmful energies being stored in your crystals over time. Try to cleanse your crystal at least once a month if possible. If you want to be extra careful, you can cleanse your stones before and after you use them each time. 

If you don’t use the stones very often, you won’t have to clean them as much. It is easy to forget to cleanse and charge your stones, so we suggest creating a schedule for this. You should also remember to cleanse the stones that you wear as jewelry as well. 

You’ll know the stone has been cleansed if it feels lighter afterward and its energy is clearer. After you’ve cleaned them, find a safe place to store your stones that align with your intentions. Allow your agate to absorb the natural healing energy around your home or office. 

Precautions For Cleansing

There are a few things to keep in mind when cleansing certain kinds of crystals. If your crystal is water-soluble, then you should find a cleaning method that doesn’t involve getting it wet. If your stone is polished, it might lose its shine after being placed in salt water. If you plan to bury your stones, the dirt may get stuck in the stone’s veins. 

Wrapping Up

The agate gemstone offers many unique benefits for users and is the perfect beginner’s crystal. Through meditation and proper cleansing, anyone can learn to harness the healing properties of agate and use it to help ground them. Allow yourself to focus on the stone’s energy and really resonate with it. 





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