Bless and Protect Your New Home with These 7 Crystals

Bless and Protect Your New Home with These 7 Crystals

Got those new home jitters? Whether it's an apartment in a new city or a house on the hills, moving homes can bring up unforeseen hopes, fears, doubts, wishes—all sorts of emotions. Even after moving in, things can be tough. It can be hard to sleep, difficult to feel fully comfortable in the new neighborhood, or perhaps you’re getting jumpy at every new sound you hear. It’s all terribly unfamiliar. It takes time to get used to it all and feel truly at home and protected. Of course, you only want the best for your new adventure—and so do we. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best crystals for your new home and to help with home protection.

Crystals to Manifest Your Dream Home

Whether you’re waiting for a confirmation, still shopping around, or you’ve just purchased but haven’t moved in yet—you need to set your intentions before moving day! Try stones of motivation to get the ball rolling. Green Aventurine, the Stone of Opportunity, opens the heart chakra and manifests wealth and considers to be a stone of luck. If you need financial help for the property or want to encourage greater prosperity in the home, invite the abundance in with Green Aventurine. 

However, we understand you may still be pining! If you need the motivation to find the right home or want to invite success and abundance into your soon-to-be abode, then try Golden Topaz. It’s an intention amplifier that likes to manifest any spiritual needs. Let it inspire you to achieve your closest goal. 

Try These 4 Crystals to Protect Your New Home

Rose Quartz: For families or those wishing to grow and nurture a familial relationship, grab Rose Quartz bracelets. A compassionate and gentle crystal, Rose Quartz's soothing vibrations heal matters of the heart while nurturing harmonious energy around it. The soft pink love-amplifier helps grow relationships, self-love, and romantic love so it’s a top choice for anyone’s home—big or small. You’ll definitely want this crystal in the bedroom and the kids’ bedrooms for relaxation, better sleep, and feelings of belonging. 

rose quartz candle holder

Selenite: Nicknamed liquid light, let Selenite bring calm and peace into your new home. Try placing this crystal on the windowsill if you want to get most of the Selenite benefits! The sun will reflect its positive energy back into the home and fill the place with bright, joyful vibrations. You can always cleanse crystals with Selenite, so it’s never bad to have this cleanser around the house.

Amethyst: Are you struggling with stress and decision-making? We get it! That’s typical when dealing with deciding decor, where to put the furniture, home layout, and other family factors. If that’s you, Amethyst can be your best bet. This purple gemstone helps balance emotional and mental well-being. Known as a protection stone, it absorbs negative energy and transforms it into positive vibrations. Let it protect your home from fears, doubts and bad energies trying to linger within any room of the house. Also, wear Amethyst bracelets to have its protection anywhere you’d like. 

amethyst raw crystal

Black Tourmaline: For the ultimate home protection, pick up a few Black Tourmaline crystals. Like an alarm that scares bad energy away, it repels negative vibes you’ve collected from outside and are trying to bring inside the home. Set it up near the doorways so those bad vibes are cleared away as soon as you enter. You can also try a crystal grid for ultimate home protection. Using Black Tourmaline at every four corners of the house and clear quartz in the center (optional), let the dark crystal work its magic.

Here’s a bonus: Try the Selenite Cleansing lamp to absorb negative energy while also reflecting vibrant, joyful energy for everyone to feel. If you have children or need some nighttime soothing vibrations, try an appropriate home decor piece made of Agate to protect and heal while you sleep. 

First, Cleanse the New Space

When you move into a new space, it most likely has collected stagnant energy hanging around from its previous owners. While they may have packed the furniture, dishes, and said goodbye, their bad vibes can often stick around. The point here is that crystals can only do a part of the work. You’ll have to give them a clean slate to work with. To clear the air, try a cleansing ritual before moving in or at least on moving day. 

Drawing on ancient techniques and Feng Shui, cleansing with sage, Copal, or Frankincense can bring energetic balance back into your space. First, make sure all the doors and windows are open to give the negative energy a chance to leave the home. Light the sage or Palo Stick for 30 seconds or until you have a steady amber to blow on. This will create enough smoke to cleanse and neutralize. 

smudging with crystal lamp

Next, waft the smoke into each room, remembering to hit corners, ceilings, and any small space. Negative energy tends to accumulate in corners—much like dust! Then, touch windows, hallways, closets, and all other areas with the healing smoke. 

Cleanse your crystals, too: If you’ve already chosen your brilliant crystals for the new home as suggested above, you can utilize this cleansing moment to clear your crystals. Using the smoke to cleanse them will reinforce your intentions programmed within them and remove any energy that has followed them into this new place. This ensures that the two main energy collectors (rooms and crystals) are cleansed and ready to receive positivity and light!

First Cleansing, then Protection, then Manifested Positivity

Moving homes is an exciting endeavor that should be met with love and abundance. Many things can diminish your ability to think clearly and positively when dealing with the stresses of changing places, but you can take comfort in known that you have taken the necessary steps to a healthy, loving home. Cleansing is key to entering a place with a clean slate while protecting with powerful stones is key to keeping your energy at your ideal vibration. Then you have the safe space to manifest the warm, nurturing home that everyone adores. 

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