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A Guide to Labradorite and How to Harness Its Powers in Your Life


A Guide to Labradorite and How to Harness Its Powers in Your Life

A Guide to Labradorite and How to Harness Its Powers in Your Life


If you’ve spent any time learning about gemstones and their healing properties, you’ve probably come across labradorite. Few gemstones display a dazzling kaleidoscope of colors quite like this stone. Its shimmering nature is reminiscent of the northern lights striking and mystical all at once.

In this guide, you’ll learn about the discovery of labradorite and the folklore that surrounds it. We’ll also explore how you can benefit from its abundant metaphysical properties and use it as a healing crystal in your life. 

What Is Labradorite?

Labradorite is a feldspar mineral of the plagioclase series and usually found in igneous rocks like basalt. Unlike some gemstones with a long history stretching back to ancient times, labradorite was discovered more recently in 1770 by Moravian missionaries. It’s named for where it was found, on the Isle of Paul, near Nain, Labrador, in Canada.

Even though it can sometimes appear rather plain, once labradorite is cut and polished, it reveals a stunning array of colors produced by something called the Schiller effect. The Schiller effect is produced when light reflects on different surfaces in a mineral, creating rainbow-like iridescence. It’s so well known it’s often referred to as labradorescence. Exceptionally stunning labradorite gemstones are called "spectrolite,” signifying their resemblance to the aurora borealis.

Not all deposits of labradorite produce the same quality stone. Pieces with the highest labradorescence are typically used in jewelry as cutting labradorite into cabochons puts its brilliant colors on full display. 

Most of the black and grey labradorite available today comes from Madagascar and Russia, while more transparent stones come from India. Labradorite is also found in Finland and Australia. In the United States, mines in Oregon still yield beautiful labradorite without its characteristic color scheme and are instead sold as Oregon sunstone.

Labradorite in Folklore

The colors of labradorite are said to resemble the aurora borealis

While labradorite might be a more recent geological discovery, it's been part of long-standing traditions in other cultures. What it lacks in historical record, it more than makes up for with its connection to an Inuit tale and the northern lights.

Inuit legend tells of a time long ago, when the glimmering northern lights fell from the sky and became trapped in the rocks and stones. An Inuit warrior came across the stones and tried to release the aurora borealis back into the atmosphere by striking them with his spear. The northern lights made their way back where they belonged, but some of them stayed trapped in the rocks, giving us the natural gemstones we have today. 

Labradorite’s Metaphysical Properties

You can use labradorite's healing properties in several areas of your life, whether you want to drop a bad habit or nurture your creativity. But did you know that its multicolored brilliance can be used as a healing stone for each chakra too? While some gemstones are especially nurturing for a single chakra, labradorite works its magic on your whole chakra system.

According to Athena Perrakis' book, "Crystal: Lore, Legends & Myths," labradorite is an excellent stone for working with the moon phases as well. It can help strengthen your intuition and open you up to guidance from your higher self. Try incorporating labradorite into a new moon ritual. It can be as simple as lighting a candle and holding a piece of raw labradorite while you meditate on an area of your life where you'd like a fresh start. Grab a journal and jot down what comes to you. 

Below are a few more ways you can tap into labradorite's metaphysical properties.

Move Through Change With Grace and Ease

Do you ever feel stuck in a rut? You know the feeling when you’re itching to make a change, and no matter how many times you tell yourself today is the day to make it happen, it doesn’t materialize?

If this sounds like you, picking up a labradorite stone could be just the thing you’re looking for to muster the resolve you need to stay on track. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a palm stone to help you remain consistent with a new fitness routine or cut back on sweets during the day. 

Labradorite is known as a gemstone of transformation its healing properties will work for you if you work with them. Let its shimmer remind you of your sparkle and ability to reinvent yourself whenever you want.

Release Fear and Negative Energy

We live in an ever-changing world, and sometimes we could all use a little help with releasing fearful thoughts and keeping negative energy at bay. One of labradorite's most potent healing properties is its ability to shed haunting, worrisome thoughts, and calm an overactive mind. 

It's particularly helpful if you've been stressed by an annoying situation at work or feel energetically drained by a friend or people around you. Pick up a labradorite mala bracelet for protection against negative energy or to help you offload feelings of distress and anxiety. When your gas tank of spiritual energy feels low, let the labradorite healing properties lend you a helping hand.

Give Yourself a Creative Boost

If you're in a situation where you're struggling with creativity or need to think outside the box, wearing a labradorite pendant can help. It can assist you in channeling the soothing metaphysical properties of the gemstone into your life. 

Taking a moment for a few calming breaths while wearing a labradorite necklace can help you quiet your mind enough to allow a new way of looking at things. Maybe your passion project is starting a new business, and you're not sure how to get it off the ground. Or perhaps you're at a crossroads in life and unsure of where to go next. A labradorite stone can act as your anchor, something you can turn to when you want to get your creative juices flowing and spark your imagination.

Explore Past Lives

If you believe in past lives, labradorite stones are said to be exceptionally supportive and helpful if you're looking to recall and explore your past experiences. Labradorite is considered a stone of magic and has been used by shamans to help people explore higher realms and assist their spiritual growth. This gemstone helps people stay grounded and protects their spirit and aura on the journey to explore past lives. 

Support Your Entire Chakra System

Person doing yoga with iridescent sky background

Labradorite's healing properties are excellent for supporting your chakra system and chakra healing. Its shimmer and iridescence display an array of colors that connect to the different energy centers in your body. Perrakis notes that each flash of color within a labradorite stone is a form of communication from the gemstone itself. You can meditate on each color to keep your energy balanced and aligned.

Root chakra: Glints of red connect to your root chakra, giving you a sense of steadiness and the ability to feel grounded when you need it.

Sacral chakra: Orange flecks link you to your sacral chakra, igniting a zest and passion for life and helping you bust through creative blocks.

Solar Plexus Chakra: Mediating on bursts of gold rejuvenates this chakra and gives your willpower a boost. If you're struggling to push yourself to finish a project or stick to a new habit, make this meditation a key part of your day.

Heart and Throat Chakras: Flashes of blue-green stimulate both your heart and throat chakras. This allows you to open your heart center to greater love and to relax your throat chakra so you can communicate more effectively.

Third Eye Chakra: Open your third eye chakra by meditating on labradorite’s flickers of indigo. With a flowing third eye chakra, you can cultivate a deeper relationship with your intuitive abilities and open up opportunities to experience more synchronicity. With enough practice, you can strengthen your intuition and clairvoyance. 

Crown Chakra: Twinkles of violet open your crown chakra and connect to your spirit guides and higher self. By linking to guidance through your crown chakra, you’re working on your spiritual growth and joining with higher realms during this process. You could discover latent psychic abilities you knew nothing about. Think about working with an amethyst gemstone alongside your labradorite stone to fortify this chakra even more.

If your intuition is nudging you to work on a specific energy center, consider combining labradorite with other chakra stones. Doing so can magnify each stone's metaphysical properties. Take your time exploring the powers of healing crystals to find the best fit for you.

Tips for Choosing Labradorite Gemstones 

Labradorite stones next to a tea light candle

When you're ready to explore labradorite gemstones and their healing properties, there are a few things to keep in mind when picking out which stones or jewelry will make it onto your wish list.

Maybe you're looking for a piece of raw labradorite, or you'd like to pick up a gemstone necklace so you can always benefit from the stone's energy. Keep your eyes open for high-quality, authentic stones. Don't forget that other healing crystals enhance labradorite's effects. Consider pairing your labradorite with onyx, amethyst, or moonstone. All work harmoniously with this gemstone's energy. 

If you have your heart set on a piece of labradorite jewelry, look for a piece made with natural gemstones and metals for example, a labradorite sterling silver pendant could last a lifetime with proper care. A handmade beaded necklace or bracelet is an excellent way to harness labradorite's metaphysical properties, too.

Whether you're looking for a labradorite pendant necklace or a single faceted crystal, you can trust your intuition to guide you to the perfect labradorite gemstone.

Use Labradorite as a Stone of Transformation

Exploring labradorite crystal is one of many ways you can tap into the metaphysical properties of gemstones and experience their impact on your life. Labradorite can help you cleanse away negative energy and connect you to your spiritual self. It nourishes your chakra system and keeps your energy in balance. Even if you're just looking to experience a little more serendipity and magic in your life, healing crystals like labradorite can help.


Angelina Dickinson is a tea lover, and non-fiction nerd who specializes in highly researched health and wellness content that resonates with audiences. In between writing projects, she has a penchant for learning just about anything and everything, from the details of Shakespeare's OP to wherever the best taco can be found.

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