Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits: How To Use This Natural Wonder in Your Daily Life

In this guide, uncover potential Himalayan salt lamp benefits. You’ll also explore Himalayan salt’s historical connection to Alexander the Great, as well as ways to use a salt lamp to enhance your well-being.
Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits: How To Use This Natural Wonder in Your Daily Life

Whether you’ve been cultivating your wellness practice for years or are just dipping your toe in, you might be looking for new ways to elevate your lifestyle. 

If so, it might be time to bring home a Himalayan salt lamp. Aside from creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, there’s evidence suggesting salt therapy has beneficial effects.

In this guide, you’ll learn about potential Himalayan salt lamp benefits. You’ll also explore Himalayan salt’s historical connection to Alexander the Great, as well as ways to use a salt lamp to enhance your well-being.

What Is a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

A Himalayan salt lamp is just what it sounds like. Usually, a chunk of rock salt is shaped and hollowed out to create enough room for a lightbulb. The result is a unique lamp that gives off a warm glow. Natural Himalayan salt is mineral-rich and untreated. It usually has a characteristic pinkish color, unlike the snow-white table salt you have in your spice cabinet. 

What you may not know is that most Himalayan salt crystals don’t come from the Himalayan mountains. Much of the pink salt we have in our kitchens and adorning our homes comes from the Khewra salt mines in Pakistan.

The Khewra mines are the world’s second-largest salt mine and are said to have been discovered by Alexander the Great in 326 BCE. As the story goes, Alexander and his army traveled through Pakistan and stopped in the area outside of Khewra. He soon noticed his horse licking the ground. Curious, he picked up a rock, and sure enough, it was salty. The rest, as they say, is history. More than 2,000 years later, the mine produces an average of 325,000 tons of pink salt per year. 

Even more impressive, today the mine has several structures built out of pink salt, including miniature versions of the Great Wall of China, a mosque, and even a fully functioning post office — all made with Himalayan salt bricks.

How You Can Benefit From a Himalayan Salt Lamp

Woman turning on a Himalayan salt lamp

People have turned to nature to improve their health and well-being for centuries, whether it’s through herbalism or working with healing crystals. Naturally, the concept of using salt as therapy emerged. Also known as halotherapy, salt therapy is an alternative health treatment dating back to the Middle Ages and consists of both wet and dry methods. 

Wet methods of salt therapy include gargling or drinking saltwater, nasal irrigation, taking a salt bath, or visiting a float tank. Dry methods generally revolve around the concept of inhaling salty air. 

A common way to practice dry halotherapy is to spend time in man-made salt caves. If that isn’t convenient or available, a more accessible option is to pick up a salt lamp for your home or office. 

Here are three ways to use Himalayan pink salt lamps and upgrade your wellness routine. 

Improve Your Air Quality

Himalayan salt lamps are an increasingly popular choice for improving air quality. Many people believe a pink salt lamp can act as an air purifier. Scientific studies on halotherapy are scant, though some have had promising results. While the evidence is mixed regarding its impact on lung function and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (or COPD), there is some data showing salt therapy could trigger anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic responses in some groups.

One of the ways Himalayan salt lamps are believed to work is as air ionizers. An air ionizer is something that changes the charge of molecules in the air. The idea is that positive ions, which are released into the air by furniture, carpets, electronics, and other household goods, have the potential to worsen health challenges. In contrast, scientific studies show negative ions may improve well-being, eliminate air pollution, and refresh a space's energy.

When you turn on a salt lamp, the heat from the lightbulb warms up the salt, creating negative ions. These negative ions go to work, pulling allergens and dander from water vapor in the air. Depending on the weather and climate you live in, you might notice your salt lamp sweat or form condensation. This is nothing to worry about and is simply a byproduct of the salt reacting with water molecules in the air. 

If you have trouble with seasonal allergies or have pets, you might want to pick up a Himalayan salt lamp to see if it brings some relief.

Explore Light Therapy

Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits

Light therapy is another favorite way to use Himalayan salt lamps as part of your wellness plan. Light therapy can be helpful if you suffer from the seasonal affective disorder (SAD), some types of depression, jet lag, sleep disorders, or if you need help adjusting to a new schedule.

When the weather gets dreary, try stringing up some twinkle lights in your favorite space and adding a Himalayan salt lamp to perk up the room. Creating a sanctuary where you can recharge will go a long way in improving your mood and soothing your soul.

Salt lamps can also be a great way to shift our relationship with technology. Many of us are in front of a computer screen or other electronic device for work or entertainment much of the day. The blue light these devices emit can have harmful effects on our circadian rhythms and sleep patterns, leading to diminished energy levels.

The next time you're struggling with maintaining a sleep schedule, think about creating a new evening routine. Instead of screen time, try reading a book, starting a gratitude practice, or journaling before bed. Swap out the blue light for a healthier light source. A Himalayan salt lamp can make a fantastic night light and creates an inviting ambiance in any room. Be mindful of your light bulb wattage, and consider picking up a salt lamp with a dimmer switch to customize your experience. 

Refresh Your Space

Perhaps the easiest way to use Himalayan pink salt lamps is to make it part of your home decor. You can use the lamp to add a bit of color to a plain room or give your space a warmer feel. They also make lovely additions to an end table, altar, or desk. 

One reason to keep them in your workspace: Salt lamps may help protect you from electromagnetic radiation or frequencies (EMFs). Much of the technology we use today from cell phones and computers to televisions and even Wi-Fi emit radiation.

Just as the Himalayan salt lamp's negative ions may work to cleanse the air you breathe, they could also neutralize EMFs in your home or office space. If you're concerned about electromagnetic radiation's potentially negative effects, salt lamps could ease your mind. 

To further guard against EMFs, consider using protection stones. Both Shungite and black Tourmaline have excellent reputations for neutralizing the frequencies emitted from technological devices and clear your energy field.

Tap Into Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits and Feel Renewed

Happy woman stretching and waking up in bed

From light and color therapy to air ionization, Himalayan pink salt lamps can help you improve your mood, revitalize your energy, and bring a little bit of mother nature into your personal space. They’re an excellent complement to a nourishing and fit lifestyle. If you’re interested in finding new ways to give your home or health a boost, a Himalayan salt lamp should be at the top of your wishlist.

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