Hematite is a blood-red stone that has long been considered useful for protection, grounding, and emotional balance. Its power has been known for thousands of years with even the name of hematite stone meaning ‘blood’ in Ancient Greek. They used to mix it with water to make red pigment.

So what are some of the hematite properties, and where does it come from?


Hematite History

Hematite has been used by humans for thousands upon thousands of years. As stated earlier, the Ancient Greeks used it to make red pigment, but before that, it was used to make cylindrical seals as far back as 2,500 BC. The Ancient Egyptians used hematite to decorate their pharaohs’ tombs and the Native Americans used it to make war paint. Even further back, cavemen used it to color their cave paintings.

A crystal that truly stretches throughout human civilization, it is still used today in jewelry, and as a pigment. Found all over the world, hematite is one of the most abundant rocks on the planet. It’s technically iron oxide. There’s also evidence of large deposits of hematite on Mars. 

How can we distinguish hematite from any other dark, iron-like stone?


Hematite Properties

Sometimes called ‘bloodstone’, hematite is opaque with a strong shine to it. It’s usually a blackish type color but because of the luster, the stone is iridescent. It can appear silver or even blue. It has a high density which makes it quite heavy when cutting into gemstones. In general, it doesn’t have a high value, but some ornamental or engraved pieces can go against the trend. 

But what makes this crystal so special? What are the benefits of hematite and why is it still so popular today?


Hematite Benefits

For starters, hematite is a fantastic aid for concentration as it dramatically increases focus. It helps to prevent procrastination by dissolving distractions around you. 

The revitalizing effects seek to pin you to the present and anchor you to the earth. Hematite stimulates the root chakra which grounds your energy and promotes a balanced and steady equilibrium.

If you can access the energy of Hematite frequently, by wearing it in a bracelet or pendant, then it’s said that you’ll notice an increase in self-esteem. The dark gem helps you harness your inner strength and display courage outwardly, regardless of previous inhibitions. 

While not quite as motivating as the tiger’s eye, hematite increases determination and cultivates the willpower needed to achieve your goals. With newfound confidence, you can embrace the optimistic approach to life and follow your dreams. 

So these are the hematite stone benefits for your personality and character, but what are the healing properties of hematite?

Hematite Healing Properties

There’s a reason that hematite is considered a stone for healing. The hematite healing benefits are widely considered some of the best. While not on the level of quartz, the daddy of all healers, or obsidian, the immensely introspective powerhouse, there are hematite properties that make it worthy of being mentioned alongside the greats.

Firstly, it’s said to use magnetic energy to stabilize our aura. It creates some kind of equality between the physical and ethereal nervous systems. It’s said that this state of balance is crucial to remaining energized and prepared for anything. The intent of hematite’s energy is to harmonize the mind, body, and soul, uniting them as one. 

Secondly, as a stone of protection, hematite is also brilliant at keeping our energy defended against negativity. It blocks spiritual attacks from those who wish to harm us. It clears and scatters negative energy from your aura, promoting positive thinking and an enthusiastic worldview. 

Thirdly, it’s a super stone for self-belief. Hematite is said to support shy characters. The warm energy vibrates on a high but subtle frequency that slowly brings you out of your shell. Step by step, you become more confident in its presence. This confidence grows into reliability and, in some cases, leadership. It’s been said to help overcome addictions and compulsions. 

In addition to the spiritual benefits, hematite healing can supposedly help the physical body too.

Maybe due to its deep red color, hematite is said to be a fantastic support to those with blood issues. It’s possible that it helps regulate the blood supply and ensure the ratio of white and red blood cells remains correct. It can also assist with the formation of red blood cells. 

It’s been known to support kidney problems, too. The faster regeneration of body tissue is put down to the healing energy emitted from hematite. It can help to cure cramps (particularly in the lower half of the body), fractures, and insomnia. 

As you can see, there’s a reason why hematite is valued so highly in the crystal world. Its healing effects are up there with the best of them. But how do you receive these effects? It’s a good idea to wear the stone as a piece of jewelry...

Hematite Stone Jewelry

If you fancy some hematite stone jewelry, there are plenty of bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings to choose from. Here are a few of our personal favorites.

1. The Triple Protection Bracelet

Teaming up with black obsidian and tiger’s eye, hematite is a critical cog in the Triple Protection Bracelet. Each stone brings its own angle and quality to the bracelet, but all three provide solid protection. This is arguably one of the most protective bracelets you can possibly get your hands on. 

Have your very own Triple Protection Bracelet.

triple protection bracelet

2. The Harmony Bracelet

This bracelet is one to help nurture peace and quiet. It also features black agate, another stone that works to harmonize the mind, body, and spirit. The two stones fit together perfectly to enhance their energies.

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