The Essential Guide to Celestite and its Healing Properties

Celestite is a pale blue crystal that attracts those who are seeking inner harmony and a deeper connection to the universe. It may be a subconscious yearning, but if you’re reading this, it’s a pretty good sign that you can sense the echoes of celestite’s call.
The Essential Guide to Celestite and its Healing Properties

Celestite, or Celestine as it’s sometimes called, is a pale blue crystal that attracts those who are seeking inner harmony and a deeper connection to the universe. It may be a subconscious yearning, but if you’re reading this, it’s a pretty good sign that you can sense the echoes of Celestite's call.

Like most blue stones, Celestite benefits the throat chakra. However, its energy also stimulates the brow. This puts Celestite in the unique position of being able to access the wisdom, understanding, and deeper awareness of the third eye chakra, and pass this knowledge on through the throat. Celestite opens you up to communicate more clearly and express yourself with more lucidity.

Celestite Stone Meaning & History

The name “Celestite” actually comes from the Latin word, “caelestis,” which refers to its sky blue color. You’ll find the same root in the word, ‘celestial’. Abraham Werner coined the name when he discovered it in Pennsylvania, 1791. It’s now the stone most associated with that state. 

More recently, a cattle herder discovered an enormous deposit of these crystals in Madagascar from the Jurassic era, 65 million years ago. Celestine is found in two forms: geodes or crystal clusters. At the Madagascan deposit, they were producing 15 tons per annum by the 90s! Nowadays, Celestite is an ingredient in television screens and also used in fireworks due to the fiery red color it lets off while burning.

Celestite Metaphysical Properties

You may be wondering why you’re drawn to such a crystal. Celestine's frequency is extremely high, which allows it to penetrate different levels of consciousness far quicker than a low vibratory crystal. In essence, if you feel slightly drawn to Celestite, then it will reveal itself to you. It enhances intuition, encouraging you to explore the possibility of extrasensory perception.

One of the more profound Celestite properties is that it can connect you to the angelic realms. It opens you up to receiving information from higher beings. Process this knowledge through the crown and third eye chakras, and let it work its way down to the throat for expression. 

celestite raw crystal

Widely considered as the best gemstone for pursuing spiritual strength, it connects you to the divine nature of everything. It’s difficult not to marvel at the sheer beauty of the universe and everything in it when you have Celestine nearby. Trust in the universe to lead you to your end goal.

It’s often called a “teacher for the new age” by crystal enthusiasts because it connects us with our spirit guardians and guides us towards love and light. There are hardly any crystals out there that are as powerful as Celestite for increasing spiritual awareness. It empowers you to locate your true self and understand your purpose. It’s the ideal stone for all those who feel lost.

Celestite Benefits: Dreams, Rest, and Inner Calm

The Celestite benefits don’t stop there! This icy blue crystal is ideal for enhancing dream recall. It allows you to remember specific details of the dreamscape more easily and improves the chances of gaining awareness and initiating lucid dreaming if that’s your intention. It empowers you to retain information learned in dreams with the utmost clarity. 

For this reason, it’s advised to put a Celestine cluster next to your bed. It’s a great sleep stone, helping you relax at night and taking your mind off things that fight for your attention. If you feel like something’s off but you can’t quite put your finger on it, then Celestite is a great choice to help you realign your body and mind.

If you’re going through a hectic patch in life and things are all over the place, then Celestite eases you into the daily practice of mindfulness. It encourages you to remain calm and find your inner peace instead of rising to stressful situations.

celestite crystal pieces


The relaxing properties of Celestine are all indicators for it being a fantastic meditation stone. Incorporate it into your daily practice and monitor the difference. Tap into its high vibrational energy and feel your spirits lift naturally. It has the power to transform darkness into endless love and light.

To use Celestite in your meditation practice, try placing a small crystal on your third eye as you lie down. You can do this before bed if you want to drift into a deep and restful sleep. As you focus on the energy of the crystal, look out for the distant energy of the spirit world pulling you toward it. Follow that path. You may find yourself conversing with angels or other heavenly beings in your dreams and, when you wake up, you’ll remember them with vivid detail.

If you already have a regular meditation technique, then Celestite can be integrated with that instead. It calms the mind and brings crystal clear clarity regardless of the method. Expect sharper focus and more accessible visualizations. 

Celestite Healing Properties

First and foremost, Celestite is a healing stone. It’s one of the best crystals to help you overcome fears, whether irrational or not. Here’s a list of fears that Celestite likes to bust wide open:

Travel - Those who get seasick, or are particularly nervous flyers, find that this crystal soothes tension and allows them to relax into the journey. The same can be said for those who suffer from carsickness.

Public Speaking - Everyone knows that picturing the audience naked only gets you so far. Celestine calms your nerves before you walk out on stage. Whether you’re an actor, singer, comedian or just somebody who needs to give a speech at their best friend’s wedding, Celestite is the perfect choice for crystal support.

Open Spaces - Agoraphobia may seem like a relatively rare phobia, but over 2 million people in the U.S alone suffer from it. Celestite brings you to a state of inner peace and reminds you that everything will be okay.

Celestite’s fear-preventing properties soothe other onslaughts of nervous tension too. Carrying this crystal is like having a personal masseuse 24/7! People who suffer from panic attacks often find great comfort in Celestite; that’s why it’s the best companion for those with acute anxiety

Celestite slows down our chaotic modern life and encourages us to appreciate the small things. It brings calm and mental clarity to all situations. This even includes relationships. Talk it out with your partner and find a solution for the two of you. There will always be one. 

As a final note, always keep in mind that Celestite is a very fragile stone that should be handled with care. Try to avoid storing it with harder crystals such as quartz or tourmaline. Keep it away from direct sunlight too or the blue color will fade. Most importantly, enjoy the tranquility that Celestite brings.

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