Apophyllite Meaning: Healing Properties and Everyday Uses

Apophyllite Meaning: Healing Properties and Everyday Uses

Apophyllite belongs to a group of phyllosilicates, a group of minerals that contains a similar chemical structure. It is derived from the Greek word apophylliso, which means "it flakes off". True enough, it flakes easily when heated.

This beautiful stone has been the topic of many discussions. What chakra is Apophyllite associated with? Where do you place Apophyllite? Is it a Quartz? What is an Apophyllite crystal? These questions and more will be answered in this article. Let's dive right in!

Apophyllite Crystal Meaning

On the market, it is typically sold in its raw form - in clusters and small points. As it flakes easily, it is not commonly seen in a cut and polished form of crystals or jewelry. The most common colors are green Apophyllite and clear Apophyllite. These colors make it an excellent stone for the heart chakra and crown chakra respectively.

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Apophyllite Benefits and Uses

It supports the crown and third eye chakras. It can be used in meditation to deepen the meditative state and to promote travel through astral dimensions and the spiritual world.

Apophyllite Crystal Properties

Apophyllite Healing Properties

It releases stagnant energy from the physical body and mental blocks from the mind. It is known to merge both masculine and feminine energies, thus creating strong alignment and balance throughout the mind, body and soul.

Its pearly sheen lends itself to infusing inner peace in our entire light body. When used with other crystals that stimulate the third eye chakra, Apophyllite crystals are especially helpful in forming a spiritual connection with the spirit realm.

It is also said to be able to conduct electricity. It has many benefits to the respiratory system and it helps to relieve symptoms such as headaches and migraines.

On a physical level, green Apophyllite works very well with other minerals, such as the rose red shades of stones corresponding to the root chakra. The healing properties of Apophyllite are unmatched by crystals, and it remains one of the most special crystals with a unique shape.

Apophyllite Metaphysical Properties

It comes with many healing properties. It aids us in increasing mental clarity, thus bringing focus and clear direction to the mind. This stone is also great for enhancing our psychic abilities, thereby enabling us to use it in meditation to achieve higher levels of insight and wisdom.

In addition, it connects us to the spiritual realm and our spirit guides. It brings psychic visions that assist us in connecting to universal energy and the state of natural joy that we are meant to be in. It supports our crown chakras and propels us on the path of spiritual awakening.

It is one of the most effective healing crystals for releasing negative energy and removing negative thought patterns from our minds. The Apophyllite tips are said to hold wisdom in them, supporting the flow of reiki energy through our highest chakra and all throughout our bodies.

It is also a calming stone that is usual among green stones. The Apophyllite stone removes negative thoughts and connects us to our guardian angels. With it by our side, our soul star and higher self will also be in reach. Derived from the natural world, the Apophyllite stone can aid communication, balance our higher chakras, and lead us into a deeper state of meditation.

Many people use this stone for its myriad of healing benefits, including psychic vision, and removal of emotional pain. Others use Apophyllite for conscious connection, spiritual growth, and so on.

Apophyllite Properties in Zodiac

It corresponds with the zodiac signs of Gemini and Libra. When used by someone resonating with these zodiac signs, it is a powerful stone that brings out the person's inner child. It is also one of the best stones for mental travel to other dimensions, allowing people to experience higher dimensions and feel spiritually uplifted.

In fact, it is also one of the healing crystals that can not only remove negative energy, but also connect us to a supposed eighth chakra.

Frequently Asked Questions

Apophyllite vs Clear Quartz

They differ in shape and structure - Apophyllite is tetragonal while Clear Quartz is hexagonal. Their chemical make-up also differs.

Where do you place Apophyllite?

It can be placed in the bedroom, to stimulate higher states of being and deeper meditative states. It is one of the crystals that can also be placed in the living room, to ensure harmony and peace. It is also one of the most effective crystals for chasing negative thought patterns away from the vibration of the household.


Here are our final thoughts on it. To this day, Apophyllite remains one of the most beautiful and powerful crystals that many people long to obtain. It is coveted all around the world, especially among specimen and raw crystal collectors.

If you want to experience astral travel or high levels of consciousness and wisdom, Apophyllite is a great crystal to start with.

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