How to Use the Healing Properties of Apatite in Your Life

Apatite is considered a stone of manifestation, self-expression, and humanitarian pursuits. Learn about this gemstone’s healing vibrations and how they can support you on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.
Light blue apatite

Apatite is one of those stones you’ve probably come across and had a hard time identifying. This chameleonic gemstone is named after the Greek word "apatao," meaning deceit, as it comes in so many different shapes, colors, and forms.

Green apatite (also called "asparagus stone") is commonly mistaken for topaz or peridot, cat's eye apatite easily passes for tiger's eye, and light-blue apatite is often believed to be aquamarine, beryl, or fluorite. 

This multidimensional healing crystal is a rare form of tourmaline (a powerful gemstone used in chakra healing) and also comes in pink, violet, grey, brown, yellow, and white shades thanks to its diverse mineral composition. 

It’s commonly found in Mexico, Madagascar, Brazil, Canada, United States (Maine, Utah, California), Norway, Russia, South Africa, Germany, and Portugal. Apatite stone is characterized by calcium phosphate, a common mineral compound that is also present in the bones and teeth of most animals, including humans.

Depending on its color, apatite's energy is closely connected to the third eye chakra, the throat chakra, or the solar plexus chakra. Like all blue stones, it can produce a soothing effect on your heart chakra and promote emotional well-being. It’s the birthstone for those born under the Gemini zodiac sign, being especially supportive and powerful for them. 

The apatite crystal is considered a stone of manifestation, self-expression, and humanitarian pursuits. It can rekindle your appetite for life, help you recognize your dreams, and support you in taking control over your life.

In this article, you’ll learn about this gemstone’s healing vibrations and how they can support you on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. 

Apatite's Healing Properties

Dark apatite stones

No one can deny that apatite has personality. It's easy to fall in love with its many different varieties or feel irresistibly attracted to a specific color. Below you'll find the healing properties of both blue and yellow apatite, the two most common and popular choices for this beloved and beguiling gemstone. 

Physical Benefits

Because of its calcium content, many people believe that blue apatite can help with the absorption of calcium to strengthen cartilage, bones, and teeth. If you have arthritis or joint problems, you may want to carry this blue crystal with you.

For many years, the healing energy of this crystal has been harnessed to support physical health, as it is believed to balance your glands and organs, boost your immune system, and even encourage the formation of new cells.

This beautiful blue-green gemstone might also be a great companion if you want to lose weight — it’s thought to suppress hunger, increase metabolism, and encourage healthy eating. Apatite is also said to lower and balance blood pressure levels.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, blue apatite is a strong stone that exudes positive, cleansing energy that keeps your meridians (the channels in your body where your vital energy flows) unblocked and healthy.

While blue apatite is linked to the throat chakra, yellow apatite's vibration helps to activate the solar plexus chakra. This energy center is located in your belly button area. Hence, it comes as no surprise that using yellow apatite during chakra crystal healing therapy can unblock stagnant energy and eliminate toxins.

This vibrant gemstone is said to detox and heal the spleen, pancreas, liver, and gallbladder, some of the organs in your body that are in charge of cleaning your system. By doing so, many believe it may aid in digestive issues. 

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Emotional Healing Properties

As a stone of transformation and manifestation, blue apatite is a perfect match for those seeking new beginnings, either personally or professionally. Wearing this gemstone might stimulate your creativity and intellect.

It's also a fantastic stone that can clear up confusion and allow you to pursue and achieve your dreams. Some even believe that by placing apatite under your pillow, you may end up manifesting dreams that can aid in solving problems you've been racking your brain over.

Like most blue stones, blue apatite is said to boost your self-confidence during public speaking and help you feel comfortable opening up and interacting during social gatherings. It's also a powerful crystal to reawaken unconditional love for yourself and others, especially when paired with rose quartz and rhodonite.

If you're going through a tough time or get easily frustrated or irritated, hold on to a blue apatite palm stone. By doing so, you’ll let the calming vibrations of this gemstone help you feel lighter, relaxed, and positive. Its energy may help to remove any negative views you might have about yourself and others while easing dense emotions like anger, indifference, or sorrow.

Yellow apatite, like citrine, is believed to be a great supporter of those who are battling anger issues, anxiety, and depression. Many believe that its light and positive energy can guide you in overcoming lethargy, lack of concentration, or learning difficulties. It's also said that this gemstone helps to remove stored anger and bring inner peace.

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Spiritual Guidance and Metaphysical Properties

Blue and yellow apatite

On a spiritual level, blue apatite's vibrations can encourage self-acceptance. By activating the third eye chakra, apatite promotes spiritual growth and helps to balance the mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

As a stone of transformation, blue apatite can support you as you begin to acknowledge that you’re responsible for your life. Therefore, it's in your hands to make the necessary changes to start living the way you've always wanted. It's all about swapping the passenger's seat for the driver's wheel.

According to Native American traditions, this blue crystal is called the "mind-over-matter" stone, as it’s thought to cool down your emotional side, especially during emotionally-charged situations. If you know someone who’s having a stressful period or who is experiencing loneliness, give them blue apatite. Its comforting vibes are known to keep people's hearts open to receive others' love and prevent them from shutting down to the world.

This beautiful stone is believed to give you clarity over your fears and the reasons behind what's holding you back. It gently nudges you to become more outgoing and embrace everything life has to offer.

Yellow apatite, which is deeply connected with the solar plexus chakra, is said to let you tap into your potential to develop unbreakable willpower. Many believe that carrying this stone awakens the inner self, lets you connect with your intuition, and gives you a deeper spiritual understanding about life and yourself.

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Apatite: Be Healthy, Trust Yourself, Spark Your Creativity

With its alluring luster, apatite is a wonderful healing gemstone for those who want to explore new paths in life. It can help you let go of anything (or anyone) that does not serve you anymore or has become harmful to your growth. 

This crystal’s essence can motivate you when you've fallen into apathy, or calm you down when your emotions are running wild. Just as its physical colors vary, apatite’s metaphysical properties are multidimensional and multipurpose. 

So, whether you use this gemstone to boost your confidence, spur your creativity, or guide you on the path towards your dreams, there is no wrong way to use it. Just make sure that once you get your apatite, you clear and cleanse it so that you can align it with your energy and your needs.

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