Amazonite crystal

Amazonite: Properties & How To Use It To Enhance Your Life

The Amazonite crystal is one of a kind. There's something special about its energy—intoxicating, even. If you happen to come across this radiant gemstone, you'll likely find yourself inexplicably drawn to its stunning blue-green color and calming vibration. There's a sense of yearning often accompanied with Amazonite, it digs deep into your soul and lets you express your true purpose. But what exactly is Amazonite stone?

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What Is Amazonite Stone?

Amazonite crystal

Not the most popular crystal in the world, you may not know much about Amazonite, but once you understand the Amazonite meaning, you'll be wondering why more people aren't aware of this beauty. These gorgeous gemstones can range from a whitish-green to vibrant turquoise, which makes them perfect for creating one-of-a-kind Amazonite jewelry pieces. One of the most common cuts is the cabochon shape, perfect for showcasing the beautiful and rich shades of blue and green.

Amazonite can be transparent, opaque, and everything in between. To get a little technical, the Amazonite stone is a variety of Microcline. The gemstone itself is rich in potassium and belongs to the feldspar mineral group, a versatile group of stones that can be used to create pottery, glassware and paint filler. Feldspar minerals also tend to contain sodium, barium and calcium—probably one of the reasons why people started to use Amazonite healing crystals to counter calcium deficiency.

The Amazonite crystal is named after—no medals for guessing here—the Amazon river that flows from the Andes mountains in Peru to the Atlantic coast in Brazil, through the largest rainforest in the world. This is why you'll often hear it referred to as Amazon Stone too. It just so happens to resemble the lush green jungle and the murky blue river of this region. It used to be believed that its unique green-blue color came from copper, but now most experts agree that small amounts of lead and water exist within the gemstone.

Many Amazonite stones also have streaks of white that cut across the crystal. This is caused by Albite, a mineral that often grows alongside Amazonite. If the stone contains a lot of white streaks, it will affect the Amazonite price. The stronger the blue-green luster, the higher quality the stone is and the higher value it will demand.

Where does the Amazonite crystal come from?

Amazonite gemstones can be found all over the world. To name just a few, it's been discovered in China, Mongolia, Russia, Australia, Brazil, Madagascar, Namibia, and Ethiopia. 

In the United States, you can find extraordinary deep blue and green specimens in Virginia and Pikes Peak, Colorado. The stones mined from this area, which often occur surrounded by Smoky Quartz, are commonly called Pikes Peak Amazonite or Colorado jade, for their resemblance to Green Jade.

How has Amazonite been used throughout history?

Amazonite crystal

Amazonite stone has been used for thousands of years as a holistic and spiritual tool by many civilizations. Cultures around the world have carved this mesmerizing crystal into good luck amulets and protection tokens time and time again.

As far as we can tell, Amazonite's use goes back to the stone age (around 10,000 years ago), with more than 2,000 jewelry fragments of this stone found in an archaeological dig in Southern Jordan. Records show that this stone was mined and polished to create utensils and jewelry beads since the time of early Mesopotamian civilization. 

Just like Lapis Lazuli, it had a special significance for both ancient Egyptian and Sudanese cultures, as they used Amazonite to create fertility amulets and decorations that were later added to building facades. 

In fact, this gem was carved and cut into tablets for the most important Egyptian funerary text, the Book of the Dead. During Tutankhamen's tomb excavation, an Amazonite stone scarab ring was found amongst its treasures, together with various pieces of polished jewelry made from Amazonite beads.

As mentioned earlier, experts believe that the Amazonite meaning comes from the Amazon river and the lush jungle that surrounds it, although it's peculiar that no deposits of this stone have ever been found anywhere in this region. It's located in other parts of Brazil, but not the titular rainforest. 

Because of this, many believe that the name is linked to the semi-mythological Amazons, a tribe of warrior women thought to have lived around the 10th century B.C. They were said to embed their breastplates with green stones—which in many ways resemble Amazonite—and use them to treat wounds and illnesses of all kinds. 

What Is Amazonite Good For?

If you're looking for a healing crystal that can help you communicate with eloquence, and without becoming overly emotional, Amazonite is the stone you've been looking for. It's called the Hope Stone for a reason; this multi-colored beauty is renowned for its optimism. It inspires you to see the bright side in every situation and remain enthusiastic, even if you feel daunted.

To break down exactly what Amazonite is good for, we need to check out the Amazonite healing properties.

What are the Amazonite healing properties?

The Amazonite healing properties encompass your physical, emotional and spiritual energy, bringing warmth and positivity to each aspect of the human experience. Each energetic body is influenced by Amazonite healing crystals in its own way.

Whether you want to use Amazonite for improved physical health, a free flow of energy throughout the spiritual body, or for enhanced communication to express your emotions more clearly, you can find out how to do so here.

How do I use Amazonite for healing physically?

In ancient times, healers used to create Amazonite crystal elixirs to support healing in issues connected with bone degeneration, calcium deficiency, and tooth decay. Therefore, Amazonite can be a great gift for someone who is struggling with these issues, as a supportive holistic tool and a soothing companion.

This same calming vibration is said to have a positive effect on your nervous system. It can be incredibly beneficial for those who struggle with anxiety and stress, who may need a natural tool to comfort them and remind them to take a deep breath. Its effect on the nervous system even goes a step further: it's said to calm the brain, helping you let go of overwhelming thoughts and relax. It brings the masculine and feminine energies into harmony so that you feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin.

If you spend a significant amount of time surrounded by cell phones, computers, tablets, or microwaves, carrying a piece of Amazonite is believed to be a great way to dispel the electromagnetic smog that these apparatus emit. Its vibration is also said to work as an energy filter against negative thoughts and possible psychic attacks, making it a fantastic protection stone to keep your aura clear and positive.

As a true stone of the throat and heart chakras, many believe Amazonite can be a great energetic tool to bring relief to those who struggle with lung, chest, and throat issues, as well as heart and liver-related conditions. It has been used through the centuries as a metabolism booster that potentially helps with cell regeneration and supports recovery after an injury, illness, or trauma. 

Many holistic healers believe that its energies can be supportive during childbirth, as well as in overcoming sexual disorders. 

How can you use this blue-green crystal to heal the emotions?

Amazonite crystal

Similar to Turquoise and Aquamarine, the Amazonite crystal's energy is believed to exude soothing and tranquilizing vibes. This energy promotes emotional balance and empowers you to find equilibrium between your masculine and feminine energies. For the same reason, it enhances empathy and compassion, allowing you to be more understanding of members of the opposite sex.

This stability gives you the capacity to see both sides of every aspect of life, such as conflicts, ideas, and points of view, and help you realize that there is no right or wrong way of doing things. What matters most is that you live by your principles, aligned with your true self.

If you have a hard time opening up and expressing your emotions, wearing a chakra bracelet that contains Amazonite can be a positive way to encourage you to be brave and bold as you step out into the world. The heart and throat chakra vibrations can help you accept yourself as you are, flaws and all.

If you know someone who has experienced deep emotional trauma, give them an Amazonite crystal. By doing so, they'll know that you're thinking about them. This alone could be the first step to encourage them to speak about their experiences without fear, knowing they're fully supported. 

This beautiful greenish-blue gem is also considered a nourishing stone for the heart—able to inspire empathy and compassion, and give you a kinder and more understanding perspective on people and experiences. Its energy is also believed to be very nurturing for women, as it boosts their self-esteem and reduces the tendency to self-neglect.

If you find yourself prone to loving others but not yourself, an Amazonite bracelet could be the best thing for you. Its turquoise color is great for emotional healing and ensuring you look after your own energy just as much as other people's. You can also get a bracelet with multiple stones so that you embrace the healing properties and powers of a number of crystals all at once.

What are the Amazonite metaphysical properties?

Amazonite crystal

Amazonite is an outstanding stone to support you on your journey of self-growth and spiritual development. Just like Labradorite, this vibrant crystal empowers you to search for your inner self, so you understand your own truth and integrity. This allows you to let go of patterns and behaviors that you might have adopted throughout the years but that no longer align with the person you wish to be. 

If you have a hard time stilling your mind or taming irrational behavior, holding on to a piece of Amazonite can help you become more present and cool your temperament. In fact, many believe this crystal enables you to keep a clear mind, supporting you in better understanding yourself and the world around you. This quality of Amazonite is also helpful when you need to make big decisions that could significantly impact your life.

As a stone of abundance and prosperity, green Amazonite is believed to attract new clients and help you be in the right place at the right time in business matters. Many believe it also promotes practicality, preventing you from spending impulsively and making you look at your finances from a long-term perspective instead.

When you're having a hard time setting limits, reach for Amazonite. Its positive energy can encourage you to set strong and clear boundaries, both for yourself (as self-discipline) and for others (by defining personal space). This calming stone is considered a guiding light for those who feel lost or are unsure of their purpose in life. It provides them with the clarity to see their gifts and strengths, and it supports them when they go after their dreams.

Wearing Amazonite jewelry is a great way of accessing the spiritual healing properties of this crystal. The direct contact with your skin that most jewelry provides enables you to directly receive its healing energy.

While the Amazonite crystal is excellent for good health, hope and communication, it also has a spiritual quality that is less discussed; it connects your energy to the universal truth of life. This likely stems from the clarity provided by opening your chakras, particularly the throat. There's a power associated with this region that enables you to convert truth into words so that everybody can understand. Let go of negative energy and free your mind from the constraints of the manmade system within which we live. The core truth of nature is accessible to all through Amazonite.

This is one of the larger reasons why the Amazonite crystal is associated with balance, hope and good energy. It's a gemstone that connects you to the source of all things, automatically soothing stress related to the material realm.

Which chakra is Amazonite good for?

As a gemstone of truth and courage, Amazonite is a powerful chakra stone that resonates with both the heart and throat chakras. It connects and harmonizes them so you can keep your heart open and show up to the world as you are, without worrying about others people's judgment.

When selecting the color of Amazonite, keep in mind that if you opt for a predominantly green-colored variety, you're choosing a crystal that resonates more with the heart chakra, while if you pick a blue one instead, then its vibration will be more connected to the throat chakra.

In general, the heart chakra is the home of emotional healing. When clear, it encourages compassion and self-love. This region is also associated with romance and relationships, but more often than not, it stands for unconditional love.

The throat chakra, on the other hand, is the home of communication. When activated, it soothes the voice, helping you speak concisely and with clarity. This is a key energy center in the chakra system because it gives you the power to convert energy into words or, if you're creatively inclined, into art. It's also linked to physical health regarding the neck and vocal cords.

Which zodiac signs can wear Amazonite?

Amazonite crystal is a modern birthstone for Virgos and it has a special affinity with those born under the zodiac signs of Aries and Leo too. Due to its green-blue color, it was often seen as a symbol of nature and its cycles, and many believe its vibration can be beneficial for those born as spring begins (March and April). 

Where Should I Put Amazonite In My Home?

Amazonite crystal

Although there are some places that have more healing benefits than others, simply having Amazonite in your home is enough for it to start clearing away negative energy. It's said to draw in good vibes from your surroundings, bringing a light to your home that is noticeable by all. Some say that it acts in the same way as a plant, cleansing the energy of the air and promoting the flow of positivity throughout your home.

If you want to use the Amazonite stone to enhance your career path, place it in the northernmost area of your work environment. This could be your desk at home, or you could take it to your office. Having an Amazonite gemstone in this area is great for maintaining optimism, hope and positive energy when considering new jobs or work opportunities.

The living room is a great place to leave an Amazonite crystal too, because it promotes good communication and strengthens relationships with all those who share your home. This crystal brings you closer together, helping you form a cohesive unit that supports each other in every situation.

Is it safe to wear Amazonite?

Amazonite crystal

In a word: yes.

Let life flow naturally by wearing Amazonite jewelry. This beautiful stone gives you access to its soothing properties all-day-long if you wear it as a bracelet or ring. Even better, wear an Amazonite necklace so that the gemstone is close to its associated chakras. This will enhance the energies there even more.

There is one caveat to Amazonite jewelry. The stone is fairly soft and can quite easily be damaged by other crystals. For this reason, it may not be the best idea to wear Amazonite jewelry every single day, but if you take care and are gentle with your stones, then there's no reason it can't be worn—certainly no reason pertaining to health and safety.

When you put it away, store it separately from other crystals so that your Amazonite stone doesn't get scratched.

How Do I Cleanse and Charge Amazonite Crystals?

Like the vast majority of crystals, Amazonite needs to be cleansed in order for it to function at full capacity. To keep its energy high, it's recommended to cleanse Amazonite once every 1-2 weeks, depending on how often you use it.

There are various way you can cleanse crystals, but many experts suggest that Amazonite is best cleansed by being held under luke-warm running water for a few minutes. You can then let it dry naturally in sunlight for a few hours. This will charge your Amazonite so be sure to set it an intention too!

Can you put Amazonite in water?

Despite conflicting information online—and the fact that you can cleanse it by (briefly) holding it under running water—Amazonite is usually considered unsafe for water. This is especially true if you intend to consume the water afterwards.

Lead and water don't go very well together, and Amazonite contains traces of lead that could make the water toxic. Never use Amazonite for crystal elixirs.

As it's a variety of Microcline, Amazonite is relatively soft, hitting number 6 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. This means that extended periods in water could cause the crystal to degrade. A good rule of thumb when wondering if crystals are safe in water is to check the suffix of the gemstone. Crystals ending in "ite" like Hematite, Fluorite and Amazonite, are generally unsafe in water.

However, to reiterate, you can cleanse Amazonite in running water for a few minutes at a time. The important things are that you don't consume the water and that you don't leave it in there for extended periods of time. Also, avoid contact with salt water.

How do I activate my stone?

Amazonite crystal

You can activate Amazonite by leaving it in the sun for a few hours with an intention. This will supercharge your crystal with your energy in mind. If you want to use Amazonite to feel more relaxed and less stressed, focus on this as you lay your crystal down and it will naturally work in this direction.

Ensure Amazonite is cleansed regularly so that it can maintain its positive effects. You can also activate Amazonite through meditation, smudging or creating a crystal grid.

How do you clean Amazonite crystals?

If you just want to polish your Amazonite stone after daily wear, then buffing it with a soft cloth will do the trick. You may want to run it under water first as this will clear its energy too. If for whatever reason your Amazonite crystal has a stain or some kind of mark, you can use mild soap or detergent, but refrain from using anything stronger. Bleach or other harsh chemicals are a no-go with Amazonite.

Use Amazonite To Speak Your Truth and Live From the Heart

Amazonite's theme can best be described as harmonizing the interactions between the intellect, the heart, and the wisdom of the inner self. Its energetic field can bring more clarity, kindness, and positivity into your life and support you to live by your rules.

It can help keep your mind, environment, and auric field clear from harmful and negative energies—bringing balance to all aspects of your life.

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