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Your Guide to the Shimmery Goldstone 

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Your Guide to the Shimmery Goldstone 

Your Guide to the Shimmery Goldstone 


When you’re feeling down and unsure of how bright your future will be, it’s a signal that you may need to turn to our glorious friend the Sunstone. Made of a mixture of sandglass, copper particles (which add the golden sparkle), and a touch more, it can help you find light in even the deepest of darkness. And although the saying “Not all that glitters is gold” may apply to this fanciful stone, we can’t help but still love the beautiful Goldstone anyway. 

Often found in bead-like shapes in a variety of jewelry styles and as a smooth tumble stone, it’s an affordable, bold piece that can suit any outfit and manifest many intentions. A versatile yet somewhat controversial gem, it’s important we dig into Goldstone’s background, properties, and how to best use it. 


The History of Goldstone

Before this material adopted the name Goldstone, it was better known as “aventurine” or “aventurine glass” —a term which is now better used to describe a similar but also vastly different stone. This original name is derived from the word “avventurina,” meaning “accidental” in Italian. This side of history gives the word and stone credit to the Miotti family of Venice in the seventeenth century. As it’s been said, they were an Italian family of glassmakers who perfected the art of treated glass which resulted in Goldstone. 

However, the earliest dated goldstone-like material found in history was between the 12th and early 13th century. It was an amulet excavated in Iran! But aventurine glass production, we now understand, began in Murano, Italy in the 17th century. Chinese family glassmakers also began producing the glass soon after, mostly turning them into bottles made for gifts. Today, the manufacturing of Goldstone still mainly comes from Italy and China. 

Goldstone is placed on the Mohs Hardness Scale at 5.5-6. Today, you’ll find blue goldstone and green goldstone, in addition to the more popular red goldstone. And yes, no matter which color you choose, each sparkles with the coppery glitter. But they do have some healing differences.

Blue Goldstone: Aligns with your throat chakra. Let the blue stone help aid you with communication, boost your mood, and help you live and speak your truth.


blue goldstone 

Green Goldstone: Aligns with your heart chakra. Let the green stone balance and protect all matters of the heart. 


Red Goldstone: Aligns with your Navel and Solar Plexus Chakra. Let it bring you stability, abundance, and with that, wealth. 

So how do the tumble stones get that glittery gold demeanor? For the red-brown Goldstone, “molten glass [is heated] to a temperature that is hot enough to dissolve granules of copper oxide that are added to the melt,” according to Geology.com. After that, the melt is slowly cooled. “This slow cooling gives copper ions in the melt adequate time to find one another and grow into octahedral-shaped copper crystals. The slower the cooling, the larger the copper crystals.” And we all want the large copper crystals!

Metaphysical Properties of Goldstone

The Goldstone is overwhelmingly grounding and restorative. Do you have those days where everything begins to feel overwhelming? Are issues big and small filling your head with worry and doubts? Goldstone, when kept close, can swoop in and keep those toxic emotions from getting pent up in your head and heart. It does so by grounding you to the earth and its healing vibrations, turning chaos to harmony within your soul.

The earthy colors you find in these stones lend to its grounding abilities, but the gold luster is what provokes positivity, harmony, and a sensation that anything is possible. Just a quick connection or stare into the glittery sheen can perk you back up from negative thoughts. 

Along the same line, it helps with protecting you against evil energy. That’s why it makes such a great jewelry piece to take with you on journeys and travel, to ensure good fortune along the pathway. Years ago, it was better known for keeping evil spirits at bay so it would be kept on windowsills and outside the doors of homes to block any evil spirits from entering. The glittering surface dispels bad vibes with its reflection.

Again, working with communication, it can help harmonize relationships by boosting your confidence to speak up and say what is bothering you. If you feel a disharmony within your relationship, Goldstone can help resolve disagreements and help you feel understood where it matters most. 

Physically, it works with the throat chakra to heal the throat, thyroid, and tonsils. It’s also been known to ease pain in the lower back, reproductive system, and urinary tract. It helps detoxify the body and strengthen the circulatory system. 

How to Use Goldstone

As Goldstone of all colors are man-made and typically formed into tumble stones, you can easily connect with the ones that call to you and take them with you for protection wherever you go. In your pocket, in a car glove compartment, or around the house—feel the earthly energy where you need it most!


chakra set goldstone

These tumble stones are also great additions to meditation. The smooth hand feel makes connecting to its protecting and restorative energy a breeze. Use it to strengthen your intention during meditation by holding it in your hand. You can also try placing it on your throat or sacral chakra to feel its cleansing energy where you may be needing it most. 

It’s also often sculpted into beads, making it an ideal stone for jewelry making if you want to turn your love for crystal healing into an art form. Alternatively, you can simply purchase a bracelet so you can have Goldstone close to you at all times.

Let Goldstone Shine its Light on You

To envision a golden future as bright as you deserve, it’s time to connect to the earthly energies of the Goldstone. Its shimmery appearance is a wonder to behold, symbolic of the light that awaits you when you speak your mind and embrace life’s natural harmony. Don’t forget it is also your vibration ally, deflecting unwanted spirits and evil energies from you and your surroundings. While this man-made stone may not be a miraculous natural formation, the copper and glass combo is still a powerful tool to add to your crystal collection.

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