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A Guide to the Anti-Anxiety Crystal Tool: Apophyllite

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A Guide to the Anti-Anxiety Crystal Tool: Apophyllite

A Guide to the Anti-Anxiety Crystal Tool: Apophyllite


Whether its an eclipse, Mercury is in retrograde or just some epic world changeslife can get off balance in a moment’s notice. When that happens, it can be hard to find your footing. And losing control can lead to anxiety both within the present (how do I handle these new events?) and about the future (will things get back to normal? Will I feel strong and positive again?). 

Negativity, unwanted emotions, and fuzzy connections with oneself are things crystals can often help us fix. Cue: Apophyllite. This pure, cloudy ice-like crystal is here to help you raise your vibrations and get back on the path of light. Let’s dive into the healing qualities and benefits of apophyllite, how to use it, where to use it, and much more. 

The Origin of Apophyllite

Typically found as an opaque gem with cloudy ribbons of white, these crystals come in a range of colors—the second most common being the Green Apophyllite stone. Less common colors include grayish-white, yellowish shades, rosy red hues, and some with black caused by other minerals getting mixed in (such as Hematite).

These vibrant gems grow in a formation similar to a pyramid. In fact, you’ll often hear them described as an “Apophyllite” pyramid! While other crystals need to be shaped into a pyramid, our interesting new friend does so naturally. 

What’s so special about pyramids? The shape amplifies the energy around it while also defending itself and those around it from negative vibes. Pyramid crystals also especially helpful during chakra healing and meditation (more on this later) by enhancing intentions. The high water content in the Apophyllite makes this mineral an even more powerful conductor of energy than usual, so you won’t want to miss it if you’re a crystal meditation fan. 

These crystals are typically found in India—more specifically, Poona. However, they can also be spotted in countries such as Greenland, Iceland, and Norway.


raw apophyllite crystals

The name is a derivative of the Greek words “apo” and “phyllon” which means “it flakes off.” But it has also been said to mean “get leaf” referring to the same tendency to flake when heated. Either way, it’s named after the layers that make up the rock. These layers consist of alternating silicate sheets and the potassium, fluorine, sodium, calcium, and water layers.

The Top Healing Benefits of Apophyllite

This beautiful gem has many similar properties (and attributes) as clear quartz but with more potential. It’s a healer, visionary, and also a very grounded gem.  

Lessen Anxious Thoughts with Clear Apophyllite: When your mind is running amok with what-ifs and buts, it’s common to lose your breath or breathe very shallow-like. Apophyllite works to bring balance back into your breath which has been proven to relax the body as well as the mind. It’s important to connect with breath-work on anxiety-filled days, and this clear crystal tool will remind you to put your health before worrying thoughts. Connect with it during stressful moments to calm the mind and amplify breath work easily. 

Stimulate the Third-Eye Chakra: Let the power of the clear apophyllite spiritually uplift you via the third-eye chakra. Working with this high-frequency crystal, especially during meditation, is mentally stimulating. It’ll connect you with your inner vision to help you see where you have any energy blockages that need clearing. Let the crystal guide you through tough times so you can let go of all that does not serve you. 

Plug into Nature with Green Apophyllite: If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on the green variety of apophyllite, indulge in the feelings of love and abundance. Also good for stressful situations, it helps you see the joy through tough times--inviting freedom and peace of mind to join you. Its main benefit, though, is to connect you to the plant kingdom. The green-toned stone opens the vibrations of nature and Mother Earth.


apophyllite with plants

Open Your Heart Chakra with Pink Apophyllite: Much like the green variety, the pink or orange-hued stone works to open your heart chakra. Encouraging the release of old emotional wounds, both clear and pink Apophyllite help stale emotions melt away and reduce feelings of anxiety. A stone filled with healing light, let it bring joy back into places of darkness.

How to Use the Apophyllite Crystal 

Because of the natural pyramid-like structure, this buzzing crystal is best used during meditation or for crystal gazing. It can be a powerful aid to help you receive guidance from your spirit guides. You may find that you reach higher cosmic levels if you place a pyramid on your third eye while meditating. Due to its ability to connect you to your breath, it’s also a healing tool to have during meditation and breath work during stressful days when you need to connect with your body on a deeper level.

It’s also best-used for crystal gazing due to the lovely pyramids that reflect light and allow you to stare into the mineral for further inner reflection. A crystal connected to the future, let it give you valuable information as to what’s preventing you from current and future happiness. Rather than staring deeply into it, which you may enjoy, try placing it off to the side and gently gaze over when you need guidance. 

A larger apophyllite stone would be most beneficial placed in a garden to amplify its healing potential, especially if you have green apophyllite on hand.


Above all, it is a touchstone and it wants to be held. Hold it close to your body during stressful times or against your third eye when searching for a boost of clarity. As its a tool for collecting emotional debris, don’t forget to cleanse the stone properly from time to time. 

Connect with the Present and Future with this Clairvoyant Crystal

Move over clear quartz and rose quartz, we have a high-frequency stone ready to open your third-eye and heart chakras. On second thought, why not enjoy them all? Best used to reduce anxiety and relieve stress, invite apophyllite to your crystal toolbox when you begin to feel you’re losing control and your thoughts are racing. 

Tension and worry will melt away when you connect with this pyramid stone as it removes stagnant energy blocking your third eye and heart chakras. There are many ways to play with this clear crystal—meditation, crystal gazing, touching, or just having it nearby. Let it release negative feelings that have been stored away and bring light back into the currents of your mind. 

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