Sunstone Crystal Meaning and Healing Properties

Sunstone Crystal Meaning and Healing Properties

Crystals are full of positive and healing energy. People have been using crystal mediation for thousands of years, and many cultures believe in their physical and mental benefits. With the right intentions and mindset, anyone can use crystals to achieve a higher sense of self. 

One of the most joyous crystals out there is Sunstone. It’s known for its warm shades of orange and energizing vibration. Let’s talk more about the meaning behind this crystal and how to use it.

All About Sunstone

Sunstone is made of felspar that has mineral inclusions. The inclusions found are usually copper or hematite. It’s been found in Canada, Australia, India, Russia, and Norway. One of the most famous spots for Sunstone is in Oregon.

Even though it is mostly found in shades of orange, it also ranges from yellow to red, and the color is determined by the amount of copper in the stone. It has a Mohs hardness of 6 and cleaves in two directions. It’s a beautiful crystal for jewelry like pendants and earrings. 

The inclusions have a common orientation, so light usually enters the stone and reflects at a standard angle. This produces a flash of light and a phenomenon called "aventurescence." This can be seen when you move the stone around or move the position of the light. 

Sunstone Symbolism

Just like the sun, this stone has a warm energy. It’s known to be helpful during the dark and cold months of winter. It has life-giving properties that promote optimism and hope for its users. It was first found in Norway and said to be used by the Vikings. 

Sunstone carries the energy of Ra, the Egyptian sun god. It’s also a stone of good leadership and freedom. This crystal symbolizes the expanse of your consciousness. It brings blessings to others as well as mental clarity. 

Known as the stone of abundance, Sunstone encourages and inspires people. It’s often used for good luck in competitions and increases feelings of vitality. It brings forth new opportunities that you never saw for yourself before.

Ancient Greeks believed that Sunstone was a gift from the sun god. Native Americans used it to heal their warriors after a battle. It was thought that Sunstone could fight off poisons and give strength to those who needed it. Vikings used this stone to find their way without a compass. 

During the Renaissance, it was used along with gold to attract the sun’s energy in rituals. In 1987, Sunstone was named as a mineral in the state of Oregon. 

Chakra Association

The Sunstone works with the Sacral chakra that houses your inner chi. This is the place your life force resides in and how you experience pain and pleasure. When this chakra is blocked, it is difficult to feel freedom in your choices. You may feel trapped and unable to think clearly. 

Sunstone also is tied to the Heart chakra. It teaches you how to form bonds with others and give love freely. It’s useful for bringing the best energy into your life and keep the bad stuff out. It also assists in building trust with others and yourself. 

The Third Eye chakra is a place of intuition and trust. Sunstone is great for clearing this chakra too. Once the Third Eye is aligned, the rest of the chakras follow suit. If you’re looking to deepen your wisdom, use Sunstone in your chakra meditation. 

Zodiac Association Of Sunstone

Libras will benefit the most from Sunstone. They are known for their fiery energy and idealism, which is ideal for the Sunstone. Libras are gracious and indecisive, so they tend to avoid confrontations when possible. This crystal gives them the confidence they need to stand up for themselves. 

Leos will also love the Sunstone because of their sunny disposition. It balances them out and helps their big ideas and tendency to show off. 

Healing Properties Of Sunstone

Sunstone is known to warm the body because of its energy. It increases your metabolism, making it easier to digest food. It helps regulate all of the organs in the body by providing harmony and balance. 

Sunstone is often used to treat sore throats and stomach ulcers. When you place it on the Solar Plexus chakra, Sunstone reduces feelings of depression and nightmares. If you suffer from general aches and pains, this crystal will do the trick. Athletes who suffer from cramps will also benefit from this stone. 

Sunstone is great for cleansing auras. It helps remove any draining sources of energy in your life. It helps alleviate feelings of procrastination and inspires you to get the job done. It’s also helpful for reducing co-dependency in relationships. 

If you struggle with feelings of unworthiness or abandonment, Sunstone is the best crystal to use. Placing it in your room or wearing it every day will help balance your emotions. 

Uses For Sunstone

You can brighten up any space in your life with Sunstone. It is an excellent mood booster and brings feelings of hope to your office or home. Placing this stone at an altar is one of the ways to put your crystal on display and reap the benefits. 

Placing this stone at your desk will bring clarity and positivity to your workflow. You will find yourself communicating more freely and speaking with confidence. All shreds of doubt will be gone, and you’ll feel harmonious. 

Sunstone also makes the perfect piece of jewelry. It allows you to soak up the sun, even on a cloudy day. Allowing this crystal to make contact with your skin will let its energy freely flow into your body. This is the most potent way to use Sunstone. 

Some of the best crystals to compliment Sunstone’s vibes are:

  • Agate is also a stone of abundance. It increases mental clarity and symbolizes harmony and rebalance.
  • Carnelian is a source of motivation and endurance. It supports creativity, and when it’s used with Sunstone, it boosts power and patience. 
  • Citrine is refreshing and helpful for realigning chakras. It puts you back on your path in life and dispels confusion and frustration. 
  • Labradorite is a powerful healing stone used to transform the mind and body. It creates clear pathways for energy to flow within you. 
  • Amethyst is ideal for communicating with your higher consciousness. It helps connect you with the spirit world and induces a relaxed state in meditation. 
  • Cleansing Sunstone

    Keeping your Sunstone clean and fully charged with positive intentions is essential. Working with toxic energy will cloud Sunstone and disable it from being fully used. Smudging this stone is one of the most effective ways to clear the toxicity from it. 

    Of course, Sunstone loves to be charged in the sunlight. It soaks up the rays and fills up with positive vibrations. You can also use moonlight to charge your Sunstone if the sun is hidden by clouds that day. 

    Wrap Up

    Sunstone is one of the few crystals that is just overflowing with energy. Its source is endless, just like the warmth of the sun. This crystal is a wonderful reminder that the sun will come out tomorrow. 


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